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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why red blooded Americans hate the Red Sox ... and their fans.

It's raining here in White Plains, NY and I'm watching C-Span2 at 8AM.  Margaret Hoover is speaking to an all white audience in Simi Valley, CA at the Ronald Reagan Institute.  Simi Valley is best known as the place where white police officers savagely beat a near-do-well black man named Rodney King about twenty years ago.  The Reagan guy who introduced Margaret mentioned that his organization was bending over backward to ... I expected him to say objectively present Reagan.  No, the guy said to promote Reagan.  Yeah, isn't that what you'd expect?  This shows the density which some white people have.  That and the semi-hot blond Margaret, the great-granddaughter of former president Herbert Hoover, who was describing how the Republican party could capture potential voters under 30 years of age.  I didn't listen long enough to learn if Margaret meant that the under 30 crowd would also support the Republican objectives to abolish Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  You know, since young people won't need that stuff any time soon.  Anyway, it inspired me to write something that I probably should have written sooner.

For several years I have mentioned to friends that in Fenway Park Boston there are more black people on the two baseball teams, including coaches, than in the stands.  The Yankees are playing there this weekend and that impression was once again re-enforced emphatically.  Friday, Spike Lee, a black New York film maker, was shown in a front row seat rooting for the Yankees.  He stood out in that sea of whiteness.  With HDTV it's pretty easy to view individuals in the stands.  Saturday I saw former mayor Rudolph Giuliani even though the dense FOX announcers did not mention him.

Boston is and always has been the densest most parochial major league sports town with the possible exception of New Orleans, which barely qualifies with only NFL and NBA franchises and is hardly worth mentioning since its inhabitants insist on living in a major flood zone below sea level.

The appearance of the Red Sox fans suggests massive inbreeding gone amok.  These people all look like relatives with the same crazed expression.  The worst part is that none of them realize any of this.

This is probably the essence of why red blooded Yankees fans and other Americans despise Red Sox fans so much.  Sixty years ago the Red Sox supposedly passed on signing Willie Mays and were the last MLB team to integrate.  Yes, I know, Red Sox fans embrace David Ortiz while the Red Sox management continues to bring up an unending supply of white guys like the guy they plugged into yesterday's lineup.  Celtic fans are no better.

They play their peculiar little game in their peculiar little ballpark: wall ball in left, triangle ball in right center, Johnny Pesky ball down the right line.  Who can stand any of this?

Parochial and provincial in the extreme.  They choke on their accent, which makes my teeth hurt.  What major league town is so isolated geographically, socially, demographically, racially, ...?

I never met a Met fan who knew what he was talking about ... or a Boston fan of any sport.  May both teams depart the planet never to darken its doors again.

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