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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FOUR hour wait to start night game.

I just learned that the Yankees played last night.  It never occurred to me since it was raining hard all day, evening and night.  I turned on the next morning replay.  It was raining hard in the first inning, which began at 11:08PM.  I assumed that this was a new low for MLB but the Yankee announcers said that the four hour plus delay was only the second longest in MLB history, the longest being five hours plus in 1999.  NY Times reports that the Yankee game ended at 2:15AM.  Yanks have an afternoon game scheduled today at 1:05PM.  Should be scintillating entertainment.

No need to belabor the obscenity of this.  All fans who had bought tickets should receive a refund.  Those who attended first pitch should get some bonus and/or their heads examined.  Corporations will abuse people to the extent that people let them.

The players did nothing to speed things along.  Batters still stepped out of the box after each pitch as they had been coached to do.  Pitchers still jerked around between each pitch as they had been coached to do.  This is what has passed for coaching in recent decades.

Baseball is dying and doesn't know it.

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