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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MLB tournament: how valid a champion?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wither DH? How about DF?

Designated Hitter (DH) does not seem to be much of a deal any more.  Paul Molitor is in the Hall of Fame and he played DH more than non-DH positions combined.  Edgar Martinez, a DH almost all of his career, is border line Hall of Fame.

In 2011 8 DH qualified for AL leadership in BA, SLG, etc.  OPS+: David Ortiz 154, Victor  Martinez 135.  Only Ortiz had SLG over .500.  Two had SLG under .400.  Only Ortiz had at least 20 HR.  Only Martinez had 100 RBI.  Only Martinez and Ortiz had BA over .300.  None had OBP over .400.

In 2001 only 5 DH qualified for AL leadership in BA.  However, OPS+: Manny Ramirez 161, Edgar Martinez 160.  All but Brad Fulmer had 20 HR.  Both Ramirez and Martinez had 100 RBI, .300 BA, .400 OBP.  SLG: Ramirez .609, Martinez .543, Ellis Burks .542.

Only David Ortiz is a substantive DH and he turned 36 yesterday.

Dump it.  Dump the DH.  As I have written previously, replace DH with DF (Designated Fielder) and have only eight players in the batting order.  Players would agree as they would with any change that might reduce payroll or playing time if the owners offer to increase the roster by one.  At least 80% of the players would see that one extra spot as lengthening their careers.

What kind of idiot would not want Albert Pujols to have 800 PA instead of 600?  33% more for the same money.  If the owners had any sense they would not just embrace the DF with 8 batters, they would push it as hard as they could.