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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hall of Fame 1947-1972 veterans committee

I really dislike the veterans committee in general, which has long outlived its usefulness, and this suck up to 60 year old fans version in particular: http://baseballhall.org/hall-famers/rules-election/eras-golden

Why is the font size so small?  Is the HoF ashamed of this junk committee?  And where are the candidates listed?

For Ron Santo, since I do not trust defensive numbers, I looked at OPS+.  Santo is a solid #7 on the all time list for third basemen since 1903.  Click http://bbref.com/pi/shareit/epgYS

Santo probably suffered in his original 15 years of voting because he was sandwiched in between Mathews and Schmidt who are the top two batters at third base.

Another part of his problem has been the 1969 collapse of his Cubs and his numbers in the second half and especially in September, which suck.  As usual, Santo was much better at home, which also detracts, and Santo was lousy in September throughout his career.

Some perspective on Santo's OPS+ rank:
7        Santo
16      Sal Bando (the really forgotten Italian third basemen who actually won championships)
47      Pie Traynor (.320 BA but that was when many batted .300)
54      Brooks Robinson (great glove but his batting was much less than perceived at the time)

MVP top five:
1967 4
1969 5

1971 2
1973 4
1974 3

I won't be upset if Santo gets into the Hall of Fame but I sure won't be upset if he does not.  Sentiment is on Santo's side, especially with the anniversary of his death.

Fifteen years of voting by those who saw a player is more than enough of a chance.  Allie Reynolds was very close in his most recent vote by the regular veterans committee and now he gets yet another bite of the apple with this junk committee.  Enough already.  In ERA+ among pitchers with at least 2,000 innings since 1903 Reynolds is tied at #130.  130!  What the heck are we talking about?  Click: http://bbref.com/pi/shareit/P8hl1

Is Dick (Richie) Allen being considered?  MVP.  I'm OK with him.

Minnie Minoso is borderline HoF but the guy was not a HoF player.

No also to Kaat, Tiant and John.  Huge NO to Hodges and Maris.  If anyone other than Santo and Allen gets in it's a joke.

Stop insulting fans with these money generating gimmicks.

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