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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mickey Mantle: data on 28 missing games

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These games are missing from baseball-reference.com.

I have added this data to that I retrieved and organized in a database that I will use to publish what I hope will be new insights into the career of Mickey Mantle.

baseball-reference.com shows Mickey with 8 home runs with the bases loaded.  I found another in the retrosheet data, which is pretty interesting.

Mickey had last played on July 1, 1953 so he must have been hurt when on Monday, July 06, 1953 in game one of a doubleheader in the 6th inning Mickey hit a pinch hit grand slam home run off Athletics southpaw Frank Fanovich in Philadelphia: PH for Noren batting 1st; stayed in playing CF.  Mickey later singled in the 8th off Marion Fricano.  Yanks were ahead 5-4 when Mickey broke open the game.  Yanks won 10-5.  Mickey did not play in game two but played the next day and went 1 for five in a loss.

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