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Friday, March 9, 2012

How about we just outlaw walks and strike outs?

Really.  Just eliminate them from the rules.  Batter swings until the ball is put in play.

Ah, you say, the pitcher will never throw strikes.  Ah, I say, the batter will never swing.  Sounds a lot like what baseball has devolved into except for all those plate appearances, approaching 30%, that result in nothing, no ball in play, which is the objective.

What has always made baseball interesting is its simplicity.  Hit the ball.  Catch the ball.  Throw the ball.  Run the bases.  Strike outs eliminate all of those and walks eliminate three of the four.

Maybe batter and pitcher will achieve some equilibrium state in which there is an efficient result and the ball will be put into play after only one or two pitches of moderate difficulty to hit.  Then maybe we'll finally have batting averages over .500 where they belong.

And lots of action at a fast pace.

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