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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MLB tournament: inadvertently less random with one more team?


That's the closest I came to finding a description of the MLB tournament by MLB, an article on its website.  Even the old rules were no where to be found on mlb.com.  If you have a link for that, please provide.

Ancient commissioner Bud Selig and his brain trust may have stumbled into a less random tournament format, which will hopefully get the two top seeds through this nonsense and into the finals, which is what anyone with any sense wants, not the Russian roulette of St. Louis coming from nowhere to win as happened in 2011 when the Yankees - Phillies matchup was derailed in game five losses in the first round.

The four seed in each conference should be at a big disadvantage because it will have to play its way into the tournament by using one of its top two pitchers, maybe both.  The one seed is unlikely to have to break a division tie (MLB should just use head to head as a tie breaker, then record in division), although it may have to play hard down the stretch to win the division.  Most likely is that the one seed will be rested and waiting for a tired and depleted four seed, thus ensuring that the types of upsets that occurred in 2011 will become rare.

Ah, finally something positive, even if it most likely happened accidentally and out of greed.  Selig's home town Milwaukee team is less likely to succeed.  Serves him right.

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