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Friday, November 23, 2012

Baseball will crash in 2020.

1. Attendance at games is becoming less important as revenue increases from regional sports networks.  Ticket prices are too high and people can get better views of games on television in HD.

2. Teams are now cooperating with secondary channels that sell tickets at very low prices.

3. Money paid to players is still very high and cannot be sustained once attendance plummets.

4. Baseball is being outsourced.  Only 75% of players are born in the USA.

5. Few young Americans are playing baseball.  This will decrease interest in watching baseball even on TV.  With TV viewing down, advertising dollars will decrease and the bloated TV deals will wither contributing to the downward spiral.

6. Baseball has long been unwatchable.  It is slow and boring.  It is dominated by pitching and debilitated by absurd rituals like changing pitchers that suck the life out of a once great game.   The only way to watch baseball is to record it and watch by fast forwarding between all 300 pitches.  There should be a service that condenses games so the viewer does not need to push the FF button so often.

The Bud Selig house of cards will come down and the establishment will not react well or quickly exacerbating the problems.  Because Americans will stop playing or attending games, baseball will fade into history.

Will this happen in the year 2020?  Maybe but it will happen.

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