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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cabrera, Granderson, Hamilton, Trout home/road Home Run rates.

(What if) Curtis Granderson and/or Josh Hamilton hit two homers in the final game to pass Cabrera?

That's from my November 23 post: Miguel Cabrera MVP supporters: what if ...

I received a comment, which contained this: "It doesn't matter what Hamilton or Granderson did in their bandbox ballparks".

I had already addressed this in part:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cabrera hit 28 home runs (HR) at home in 295 at bats (AB) and only 16 on the road in 327 AB.  AB/HR: 10.5/20.4.

Miguel Cabrera's home rate was about twice as good at home.  But let's look at Hamilton and Granderson as the commentor suggests but did not bother to do.  Maybe he's bucking for a network job.

The real point here is why are people so lazy?  The data is readily available for free.  Why not check before writing something that can be checked and possibly refuted.  OK, here is the data for those three plus Mike Trout just for fun.

Player Place AB HR AB/HR Pct higher (percent more AB to homer on road)
Trout Home 261 16 16.31
Trout Away 298 14 21.29 30.49%
Cabrera Home 295 28 10.54
Cabrera Away 327 16 20.44 93.98%
Granderson Home 286 26 11.00
Granderson Away 310 17 18.24 65.78%
Hamilton Home 280 22 12.73
Hamilton Away 282 21 13.43 5.51%


Jeremy Johnson said...

Did something change in the physical layout of Comerica Park that caused Cabrera to hit more home runs at home this year? I'd chalk it up to an anomaly. From 2010-2011 he had more home at bats but hit more home runs on the road. The fact that Cabrera hit more home runs this year is more a testament to his incredible season than the park somehow getting easier to hit home runs in. That is why the yearly park factor ratings are a joke when the physical park never changes, only the players who play in it. If you ask a hitter which park they would rather hit in out of Yankee Stadium, Arlington, or Comerica, you would find the list of players who choose Comerica to be fairly small (particularly for lefties like Hamilton or Granderson).

Kenneth Matinale said...

Your entire point was about Cabrera's leading in BA, RBI, HR in ONE season: 2012. Looking at other seasons is irrelevant. For what it's worth Granderson hit two HR in 32 AB in Detroit and Hamilton 2 in 21 AB, so neither had much trouble homering in Detroit in 2012.