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Friday, November 23, 2012

Miguel Cabrera MVP supporters: what if ...

1. Curtis Granderson and/or Josh Hamilton hit two homers in the final game to pass Cabrera?

2. Chicago White Sox sucked just a little less down the stretch?  Instead of blowing a three game lead over Detroit by going 4-11 (none against Detroit but 0-3 against Mike Trout's Angels), White Sox were 8-7, finishing one game ahead of Detroit with Trout's Angels making the tournament instead of Cabrera's Tigers?  Without Trout's Angels beating Chicago, White Sox go 7-8 and tie Tigers.

3. White Sox and Tigers tied and played an extra regular season game for the division with the loser not making the tournament and Cabrera struck out all four plate appearances leaving ten runners on base?

Would you still support Miguel Cabrera over Mike Trout if any of those happened?


Jeremy Johnson said...

No other AL player this millennium has reached the .330/44/139 plateaus in the same season. It doesn't matter what Hamilton or Granderson did in their bandbox ballparks to be honest. Cabrera won the MVP with a 1.092 OPS in August and 1.032 OPS in September to lead his team to the playoffs. Trout had .866 and .835 OPSs respectively in August and September coming down the stretch. That is why Cabrera won. The triple crown simply made the vote a landslide.

Kenneth Matinale said...

All of which is contradicted by my posts including the fact that Cabrera had a home run rate (AB/HR) at home almost twice what he did on the road.