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Friday, December 28, 2012

Hall of Fame: "integrity, sportsmanship, character".

That's the criteria that has media people tripping all over themselves, doing everything except what is needed: get together and define and refine "integrity, sportsmanship, character".  That's what any responsible organization would do.  However, neither the Hall of Fame, nor the voters in the writers association have shown any initiative.

On character, Bonds and Clemens could be excluded if they never used steroids, etc.  The were nasty SOB.  And they could be excluded for being liars ... about steroids.

They should have to wait one day for each day that they lied, my Pete Rose rule.  Rose needs to wait 14 years before being considered for the HoF.  Then rejected on character.  Rose was a disgrace.

And if the Hall insists on considering "integrity, sportsmanship, character" then it needs a provision to deduct people, the OJ rule.  Suppose that OJ had been a baseball player?  After most of the galaxy concluded that he murdered two people, should the BASEBALL Hall of Fame deduct him?

If yes, then what about violations of "integrity, sportsmanship, character" less than double homicide?  What about Kirby Puckett and pre induction indiscretions uncovered post induction?  Duke Snider who plead guilty to defrauding the IRS 15 years after his 1980 induction?  Same thing for 1986 inductee Willie McCovey a year later than Snider.  Has anyone called for the deduction of any of them?  What, if any, of this stuff is serious enough to consider?  Adultery?  Drunk driving?  What?

Or of Babe Ruth, who used illegal performance reducing drugs as a player?  Which is worse:
-  illegal performance reducing drugs
-  illegal performance enhancing drugs?

At least one player is trying to improve.  The other is giving less than his best.

Obviously, it's a mess and we haven't even considered the "integrity, sportsmanship, character" of the voters much less ourselves.

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Cliff Blau said...

On Ruth- never mind about the illegal performance-detracting drugs. How about the fact that he was suspended numerous times in his career. Shows a definite lack of character. What about the time he punched an umpire- it that Hall of Fame caliber sportsmanship?