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Monday, March 4, 2013

Craig Kimbrel or Strike Out a game card?

Craig Kimbrel is an Atlanta Braves right handed relief pitcher born May 28, 1988.  In 2010 through 2012 Kimbrel appeared in 163 games, all in relief, pitching 160 innings with 283 strike outs (SO).  In 2012 Kimbrel pitched 62.66 innings in 63 games with 116 SO, 16.7 per nine innings.

MLB Network is showing a program on which they discuss and announce the network's top 100 current players.  Two former players, Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac, were apoplectic that Kimbrel was selected #27 and not in the top ten.

There is irony in this type of thinking taking place between the two analytics conferences described in the previous post.  In order to delve into this I have created a devilishly clever poll question.

If you were running the Atlanta Braves in 2013 and you could only choose one, would you use a roster spot on Kimbrel or a Strike Out a game card?  The card may be presented to the plate umpire at any time and you may request that one and only one batter may be called out on strikes without actually batting.

Basically you have these two options:

1. Kimbrel pitching maybe 70 innings in 70 games and maybe striking out half the batters faced.  Kimbrel may get injured or arrested.

2. The card striking out ALL the batters faced in 54 innings in 162 games.  The card never gets injured or arrested.

So, what's your decision: Kimbrel or the card?

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