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Monday, June 24, 2013

All Star voting could/should be manipulated.

The Major Baseball League (MBL) tried to increase the importance of its All Star game at the expense of its post season tournament by having the outcome determine which team in the finals has home field advantage and home rule advantage (designated hitter (DH) or no DH) in a possible game seven.  If the American Conference wins the All Star game then its finals team gets the advantages, else it's the National Conference team.

So fans of a team have incentives to manipulate the players who play in the game since the MBL lets the fans vote and even encourages multiple votes per fan.  Most people would think that manipulation would be for fans to vote for players from their team.  However, it's quite the opposite.

1. Vote for players of your main division rival so that your players can stay home and rest while the rival's players lose that rest.

2. Vote for bad players for the opposing conference team to increase the chances that your conference will win.

This is the only way in which fans of a team can actually impact the outcome on the field.  Thanks to the silly policies of the MBL.  Bud Selig rides again.  Hi-Ho, Silver!  Away!

Start the William Tell Overture.

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