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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Brett, Carew lgBA v. AL BA. Mays, Aaron on the road again.

George Brett: 1980 .390 BA; only 449 at bats (AB) and 515 plate appearances (PA); MVP

Rod Carew: 1977 .388 BA; 616 AB, 694 PA; MVP

What percent above the league were their BA?  Simple, direct, logical question.  Recent posts show that determining which league BA to use is not so simple. direct or logical.

Brett Carew
BA 0.390 0.388
lgBA 0.269 0.265
AL 0.269 0.266
% above lgBA 44.98% 46.42%
% above AL 44.98% 45.86%

In Brett's case, rounded to the third digit, his lgBA = AL BA.

Carew: lgBA .265; AL BA .266.  Almost equal.

I might not have noticed the issue had I been looking at these two batters in recent posts instead of "Willie Mays and Hank Aaron (who) each have different lgBA from the overall common sense National League (NL) batting average (BA)".

The percent above league for Carew: 46.42% v. 45.86%.  Close enough.

I already knew the best way to compare Mays and Aaron:

Sunday, May 29, 2011
Mays v. Aaron OPS on road against the other teams 1954-1968 v. OPS+

Mays .88% higher

Friday, January 4, 2013
Willie Mays was a better home run hitter than Hank Aaron.

This post will compare the home rune (HR) rates (HR/AB) of Willie Mays and Hank Aaron for seasons 1954 through 1968 on the road against the other teams.  That makes the comparison in the same ball parks against the same pitching staffs...

Mays ahead by 8.5%.

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