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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

4,000 hit club.

Pete Rose and Ty Cobb are the only players with at least 4,000 regular season hits in the major leagues.  Ichiro Suzuki is approaching 4,000 hit as a professional combining his hits in Japan with those in the American major leagues.

Both Hank Aaron and Stan Musial have over 4,000 hits as professionals.  Here are their major and minor league hits (source: baseball-reference.com):

Aaron: 3,771 + 324 = 4,095
Musial: 3,630 + 371 (only 72 in AA) =  4,001

Aaron must also have some hits in the Negro Leagues.


Bob Rebach said...

Just curious what other professional leagues you credit Hank Aaron and Stan Musial with having hits?

Kenneth Matinale said...

I checked their minor league stats in baseball-reference.com.