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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Selig comes to bury A-Rod, not to praise him.

Alex Rodriguez and several other players who put their physical well being in jeopardy in each and every game for our amusement are left to twist slowly in the wind by Major Baseball League (MBL) commissioner Allen Huber "Bud" Selig, the man who made the most money from baseball's steroid era and now desperately tries to wash his hands of it.

I like Rodriguez.  I liked him even before he joined the Yankees.  He can be annoying when he gets into his own head and gets himself out.  But he works at least as hard as his former buddy Derek Jeter.

A-Rod probably used steroids and he probably lied and/or weasel talked about it.  I really hate the lies.  But as a practical matter with so much on the line, what can we reasonably expect?  These players are world class athletes who are extremely competitive.  They deal with pubic criticism as part of their profession.  There was a reflective article in The Times about A-Rod at 18 in the minors and fans harassing him verbally.  It's no wonder that he can now block out the noise and prepare to play.

One of the things that bothers me about this mess is that A-Rod took extremely bad treatment by Yankee management in the 2012 tournament without complaint.  He didn't act like the prima donna he is often perceived to be.

Then we learned that he needed hip surgery, which he had.  He was very diligent in rehabilitating after the surgery and in preparing to re-join the Yankees as soon as he is able.  He has not played since October 2012 and he is now 38 years old.

Maybe it's just a coincidence but Selig and his gang that couldn't shoot straight are poised to give A-Rod a baseball death sentence, just when he is ready to return.  What the heck?  When did Selig ever face physical danger.  A-Rod has been paid tons of money and is owed tons more.  Is that his greatest offense, all that money?

Yankee fans should support him but most do not.  They've been pounded by media forces, mostly from outside New York, into joining the conventional wisdom.  Yankee fans should be ashamed for not supporting one of their own.

To my knowledge, the only lifetime ban of players: the original commissioner Landis banned some of the 1919 Chicago White Sox, including Joe Jackson, for taking money to deliberately lose the World Series.

Taking money to deliberately lose the World Series!

Players who use steroids are trying to improve their performance and that of their teams, which is diametrically opposed to taking money to deliberately lose the World Series!

This is where the Selig inspired moral compass is way off.  Anyone who thinks that using steroids is anything close to deliberately losing the World Series is a moron.  Like Selig.

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