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Monday, August 5, 2013

Weasels on parade: Pedroia, Scherzer, Longoria, maybe more.

Dustin PedroiaMax Scherzer, Evan Longoria all ran their mouths immediately about the suspensions of fellow players for using steroids etc.  Why have they been silent for so long and why speak now?  What gave them courage or was it a lack of courage that had kept them silent?

Or are they just playing the good guy for the media frenzy exclusive to steroid use in baseball but not in football?

Pedroia: what do you think and/or know about steroid use by your teammates, specifically David Ortiz, who was implicated in drug use a few years ago?  Pedroia undermined Boston manager Bobby Valentine right from the beginning in 2012.  Next time Fat Papi homers with you on base maybe you should ask for a blood test before you score.

 Scherzer: concerning teammate Jhonny Peralta:

“For me, I’ve made my statements,” Scherzer said. “It’s pretty apparent how I feel towards cheaters. With Jhonny, it’s disappointing, it really is.”

In fairness to Scherzer he had already spoken out about Ryan Braun.  This season Scherzer is 16-1.  That's with Peralta playing shortstop on steroids.  Is Scherzer so upset that he'll ask that at least some of his wins be vacated?  After all, Scherzer wouldn't want to benefit from the evil deeds of Peralta, a man he described as a "cheater".

Longoria: What can be said?  This guy just sounds like he's piling on.  Maybe Longoria is jealous of Alex Rodriguez and/or his contract.  Longoria never had the nerve to negotiate a big deal for himself.  Longoria is a big fish in a very small pond trying to make some noise.  He sounds like a pipsqueak.

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