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Monday, August 5, 2013

Worse offense: steroids or hitting batters in the head ... twice.

Ian Kennedy pitching for Arizona on June 11 hit two Dodger batters, Yasiel Puig and Zack Greinke, in the head and served a ten game suspension, which for a pitcher is generally two starts.  However, Kennedy timed the withdrawal of his appeal so that he missed only one start.

Supposedly 12 batters are going to cop pleas today in the Florida clinic case and accept 50 game suspensions.

50 games v. one missed start.

Add to this that former commissioner Faye Vincent just advocated a lifetime ban for a first offense for using steroids.

Don't people convicted of murder sometimes spend less than the remainder of their lives in prison?  You know, maybe parole after 20 years?

Priorities are completely upside down in baseball.  Ian Kennedy hit two Dodger batters in the HEAD.  In the HEAD!

Who actually got hurt by this dirty dozen using steroids?  I guess Allen Huber "Bud" Selig had his feelings hurt because these 12 and probably more beat his steroid testing program and were only outed by some random events among sleazy Florida residents.


Michael D said...

Kennedy hit both batters in the shoulder, not the head. The first, which was unintentional, deflected and clipped Puig's nose. The second was retaliation for Greinke's plunking of Montero (on his third attempt to hit him).

This is the way the game has worked for over 100 years -- it's not like we're talking about Marichal/Roseboro. Comparisons to steroid usage are pretty absurd.

Kenneth Matinale said...

It works for savages. Using the word plunk indicates you have no idea how much force there is when the ball SMASHES into a human being. Try having someone fire one at you at point blank range.