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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Playoff tiebreaker rules had there been a three way tie.

Tampa and Texas finished in a tie for the last American Conference wild card spot in the tournament.  However, had Cleveland lost there would have been a three way tie, for which the league provided the following:


On Friday, Major League Baseball revealed what will occur should all three finish in a tie, which would require two tiebreaker games -- one on Monday and one on Tuesday -- ahead of Wednesday's AL Wild Card Game.

The bottom line is this: The Indians would host the Rays on Monday, with the winner earning one of the berths. The loser would play at Texas on Tuesday for the final spot.

That schedule is the result of the Indians having the best combined record (7-5) against the Rays and Rangers and therefore having the right to choose to host the first game. The Rays' combined record is second (7-6) and they 
chose to go on the road on Monday rather than host a game on Tuesday. The Rangers (5-8) were left with only that option.

I read this three times and still don't understand why Tampa "chose to go on the road on Monday rather than host a game on Tuesday".  It seems that Tampa could have played at home Tuesday against a team that had just lost on Monday.

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