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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alex in Wonderland gets curiouser and curiouser. A-Rod v. B-Sel.

By Diseñadores gráficos
[Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons
Alex Rodriguez has fallen through a rabbit hole and finds himself in "Wonderland," an increasingly unreal world of talking animals, singing flowers, and litigious Queens.

It's a steel cage no rules knife fight with his antagonist Allan Huber "Bud" Selig (B-Sel), commissioner of the Major Baseball League (MBL), a.k.a., the Mad Hatter.
Mad Hatter
John Tenniel [Public domain]
via Wikimedia Commons

The Times had a riveting five page article that should be read in its entirety.  What a story.  It's so bad, it's good.  Presented here are some dollar figures mentioned.

In Rodriguez Arbitration, Two Sides Play Hardball
Published: November 3, 2013  The New York Times

(A-Rod's) $275 million contract with the Yankees that runs through 2017 ...

nonprofit called Hispanics Across America ... received a $100,000 donation ... placed a full-page ad — costing about $106,000 — in The New York Times last month that criticized M.L.B.’s handling of Mr. Rodriguez’s case...

a nurse who worked for Mr. Bosch at Biogenesis ... accepted $100,000 from Mr. Rodriguez’s representatives ...

Baseball officials said that they paid Mr. Jones a total of $125,000 for the two sets of (stolen) records... and later, Mr. Rodriguez’s lawyers paid $200,000 for a copy ...

a representative for Mr. Rodriguez had sent a $25,000 retainer in February to a lawyer for Mr. Bosch for his legal representation...

Documents show that M.L.B. also agreed to pay for Mr. Bosch’s security, at a rate of up to $2,400 a day.

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