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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Season Home Run record by team progressive.

Rogers Hornsby
Chicago Cubs 1929-30 R315 baseball card.
Wikimedia Commons
Rogers Hornsby held the season home run (HR) record for four different teams, three concurrently.  Checking data since 1901, I could not find another player who had records for more than two teams.  Multiple team record holders are in bold below.

Click link to view all the detailed data.   Below are the three most recent record holders per team.  The teams since 1960 are grouped first.  Both groups are in order by the number of years the player has held the record.  Jimmie Foxx is number one: 83 years for the As.  Foxx also held the Red Sox record for 68 years, which combined I think gives Foxx a record for total years held, and also concurrent.  Three of Hornsby's four records were short lived.

More comments below this list:

TeamPlayer       HRYearYearsPlayerHRYearYearsPlayerHRYearYears
AsJimmie Foxx37-58193083Tillie Walker17-37192010Socks Seybold16190218
TigersHank Greenburg26-58193479Dale Alexander2419295Harry Heilmann19-2119218
PiratesRalph Kiner23-54194667Johnny Rizzo2319388Arky Vaughan1919353
TwinsHarmon Killebrew42-49195954Roy Sievers24-4219545Jim Lemon2719561
YankeesRoger Maris61196152Babe Ruth54-60192041Wally Pipp1219164
RedsGeorge Foster52197736Ted Kluszewski49195423Hank Sauer3519486
CardinalsMark McGwire70199815Johnny Mize43194058Rogers Hornsby21-42192119
CubsSammy Sosa66199815Hack Wilson30-56192771Rogers Hornsby3919291
White SoxAlbert Belle49199815Frank Thomas4119935Carlton Fisk3719858
GiantsBarry Bonds73200112Willie Mays51-52195546Johnny Mize5119478
DodgersShawn Green49200112Gary Sheffield4320001Duke Snider42-43195347
IndiansJim Thome52200211Albert Belle5019957Al Rosen43195342
BravesAndrew Jones5120058Hank Aaron47197134Eddie Mathews47195352
Red SoxDavid Ortiz5420067Jimmie Foxx50193868Babe Ruth29191919
PhilliesRyan Howard5820067Mike Schmidt45-48197927Chuck Klein43192950
OriolesChris Davis5320130Brady Anderson50199617Frank Robinson49196630
RoyalsSteve Balboni36198528John Mayberry34197510Bob Oliver2719705
MarinersKen Griffey45-56199320Gorman Thomas3219858Willie Horton2919796
AstrosJeff Bagwell39-47199419Jim Wynn37196727Roman Mejias2419625
MarlinsGary Sheffield42199617Gary Sheffield2719942Orestes Destrade2019931
PadresGreg Vaughn50199815Ken Caminiti4019962Nate Colbert24-38196927
AngelsTroy Glaus47200013Reggie Jackson39198218Bobby Bonds3719775
RangersAlex Rodriguez52-57200112Frank Howard36-48196734Don Lock27-2819634
D'BacksLuis Gonzalez57200112Jay Bell3819992Travis Lee2219981
RockiesTodd Helton49200112Larry Walker4919974Andres Galarraga4719961
MetsCarlos Beltran4120049Todd Hundley41199617Darryl Strawberry3919888
NationalsAlfonso Soriano4620067Vladimir Guerrero38-4419988Henry Rodriguez3619962
BrewersPrince Fielder5020076Richie Sexson4520016Gorman Thomas45197928
RaysCarlos Pena4620076Aubrey Huff3420034Jose Canseco3419998
Blue JaysJose Bautista5420103George Bell47198723Jesse Barfield4019861

Hornsby held the record with:
Cardinals 21-42 1921-1939; broken by Johnny Mize 43
Giants 26 1927-1928; broken by Mel Ott 42
Braves 21 1928-1929; broken by Wally Berger 38
Cubs 39 1929 tied with Hack Wilson; broken by Hack Wilson 56

In 1928 Hornsby held the record concurrently with the Cardinals, Giants, Braves.

In 1929 Hornsby held the record concurrently with the Cardinals, Braves, Cubs.

The great Hornsby changed teams three consecutive seasons and set the new team's season HR record all three times.

HR champ of two teams:

Johnny Mize:
43 Cardinals 1940-1997; Mark McGwire 70
51 Giants 1947-1964; Willie Mays tied Mize in 1955 and passed him in 1965 with 52

Babe Ruth:
29 Red Sox 1919-1931; Jimmie Foxx 58
60 Yankees 1920-1960; Roger Maris 61

Jimmie Foxx:
58 As 1932-current
50 Red Sox 1938-2005; David Ortiz 54

Albert Belle:
49 White Sox 1998-current
50 Indians 1995-2001; Jim Thome 52

Gary Sheffield:
43 Dodgers 2000; Shawn Green 49
42 Marlins 1994-current; originally 27 in 1994, then 42 in 1996

Zeke Bonura:
22 Twins/Senators 1938-1953; Roy Sievers 24
27 White Sox 1934-1949; Joe Kuhel 27; Gus Zernial 29

Gorman Thomas:
32 Mariners 1985-1993; Ken Griffey 45
45 Brewers 1979-2006; Richie Sexson 45 2001; Prince Fielder 50 2007

John Mayberry
34 Royals 1975; Steve Balboni 36 1985
30 Blue Jays 1978-1985; originally 22 in 1978; Jesse Barfield 40 1986

Ed Delahanty:
8 Phillies 1901-1910; Fred Luderus 16 1911
10 Twins/Senators 1902-1924; Joe Judge 10 1922; Joe Harris 12 1925

Most HR without having his team's record:
Mickey Mantle 54 1961 Yankees
Alex Rodriguez 54 2007 Yankees

Fewest for a team leader:
Steve Balboni 36 1985 Royals

19 of the 30 team records are at least 50 HR.

Record holder for at least 50 consecutive years:

AsJimmie Foxx37-58193083
TigersHank Greenburg26-58193479
PiratesRalph Kiner23-54194667
TwinsHarmon Killebrew42-49195954
YankeesRoger Maris61196152

Hack Wilson30-56192771
Jimmie Foxx50193868

Wilson with the Cubs, Foxx with the Red Sox.

Ty Cobb broke Sam Crawford's Tiger record of 7 when Cobb led the AL with 9 in 1909, all inside the park.  That was Cobb's only league HR championship and it provided Cobb with the triple crown as he also led in batting average and RBI.

I did not have the space for the Pirates to include Honus Wagner who never led the league and reached double figures only once: at age 34 in 1910 with 10 to set the team record.  Chief Wilson broke it with 12 the next season.  Wilson was later tied by Reb Russell in 1922 and Pie Traynor in 1923.  Kiki Cuyler finally broke the three way tie with 18 HR in 1925.

Catcher Gabby Hartnett hit 24 in 1924 for a new Cubs record.  Frank Schulte had held the Cubs record since 1906; his final record was 21.

Father and son: Bonds.  Son Barry, of course, holds the season record of 73, which he set with the Giants in 2001.  In 1977 father Bobby tied Leon Wagner for the Angels record of 37.  In 1982 Reggie Jackson hit 39 for the Angels.  Troy Glaus topped Jackson with 47 in 2000.

Click link to view all the detailed data and make your own observations.  Also see:

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