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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Consecutive championship teams.

1951 New York Yankees celebrate 1950.
via Wiki Commons
No surprise: the New York Yankees have the most and the longest streaks.

5: 1949-1953
4. 1936-1939
3. 1998-2000 (tied with Oakland)
2. 1927-1928
2. 1961-1962
2. 1977-1978

Can the Red Sox repeat? They haven't since Babe Ruth left.  Thursday, March 6, 2014

The most recent team to repeat: the New York Yankees 1998, 1999, 2000...

The Yankees are the only team to win consecutive championships since the formation of three divisions in each conference in 1994 (no tournament that season).  Three divisions and four teams qualifying for the tournament essentially made the odds of winning a championship about twice as hard as that under the system from 1903 through 1960 when one of eight finished first and then played in the WS.  In 1961 modern expansion started and in 1969 each of the two major leagues were split into two six team divisions with a five or, starting in 1985, seven game series determining which team reached the championship series.

Winning consecutive championship is much more rare than one might think.  Since 1905 the National League/Conference winner most often has been the Dodgers and the Cardinals but neither team has won consecutive championships.  Teams in existence in 1905 that never won consecutive championships:

Dodgers played in consecutive championship series:
1952 lost to Yankees
1953 lost to Yankees

1955 beat Yankees
1956 lost to Yankees

1965 beat Twins
1966 lost to Orioles

1977 lost to Yankees
1978 lost to Yankees  Last time two teams played each other in consecutive years.

Cardinals played in consecutive championship series:
1930 lost to Athletics
1931 beat Athletics

1942 beat Yankees
1943 lost to Yankees
1944 beat Browns

1967 beat Red Sox
1968 lost to Tigers

Detroit Tigers: Only team to lose three consecutive championship series: 1907-1909; also split in 1934 (lost), 1935 (won)

St. Louis Browns/Baltimore Orioles: played in three consecutive championship series: 1969 (lost), 1970 (won), 1971 (lost)

Washington Senators/Texas Rangers played in consecutive championship series:
1924 beat Giants
1925 lost to Pirates

2010 lost to Giants
2011 lost to Cardinals

played in consecutive championship series once:
Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves  1957 (won), 1958 (lost)
Philadelphia Phillies: 2008 (won), 2009 (lost)

Never played in consecutive championship series:
Chicago White Sox
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cleveland Indians

The Chicago Cubs are the first repeat winner but the Cubs have not won an individual championship since then: 1907-1908.

The Athletics are the only team other than the Yankees with multiple streaks:
3. 1972-1974
2. 1929-1930
2. 1910-1911.

Yankees and Giants only teams to play each other in three consecutive championship series:
1921 Giants won
1922 Giants won
1923 Yankees won

Most winning streaks occurred before expansion in 1961.  There was one from 1961-1968 : Yankees 1961-1962, the only team in those eight years to reach the final series in consecutive years.  The American League (AL) expanded from 8 to 10 teams in 1961, the National League (NL) in 1962.  There were two divisions 1969-1993 (one extra series), then three divisions. (two extra series).  Teams reached the final series less frequently with more preliminary rounds.

Since 1995 teams that reached the final series in consecutive years:
1998-2001 Yankees, winning the first three and losing the fourth in the bottom of the 9th inning in game seven
2010-2011 Texas Rangers: lost both
2008-2009 Philadelphia Phillies: won, lost

Since 1995 the only teams to face each other multiple times:
Yankees - Atlanta Braves: 1996, 1998; Yanks won both
Red Sox - Cardinals: 2004, 2013; Red Sox won both

Since 1995 multiple championships:
5 Yankees 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2009
3 Red Sox 2004, 2007, 2013
2 Marlins 1997, 2003
2 Giants 2010, 2012
2 Cardinals 2006, 2011

Only five teams have won in the last eight years: six in the last ten.

Streaks from 1969-1993:
1992-1993 Toronto Blue Jays
1977-1978 New York Yankees
1975-1976 Cincinnati Reds
1972, 1973, 1974 Oakland Athletics

YearWinning TeamLosing TeamWLManagerPlayerPitcher
2000New York YankeesNew York Mets41Joe TorreJorge PosadaRoger Clemens
1999New York YankeesAtlana Braves40Joe TorreDerek JeterDavid Cone
1998New York YankeesSan Diego Padres40Joe TorreBernie WilliamsDavid Cone
1993Toronto Blue JaysPhiladelphia Phillies42Cito GastonJohn OlerudJuan Guzman
1992Toronto Blue JaysAtlana Braves42Cito GastonRoberto AlomarJuan Guzman
1978New York YankeesLos Angeles Dodgers42Bob LemonGraig NettlesRon Guidry
1977New York YankeesLos Angeles Dodgers42Billy MartinGraig NettlesRon Guidry
1976Cincinnati RedsNew York Yankees40Sparky AndersonJoe MorganPat Zachry
1975Cincinnati RedsBoston Red Sox43Sparky AndersonJoe MorganDon Gullett
1974Oakland AthleticsLos Angeles Dodgers41Alvin DarkReggie JacksonCatfish Hunter
1973Oakland AthleticsNew York Mets43Dick WilliamsReggie JacksonKen Holtzman
1972Oakland AthleticsCincinnati Reds43Dick WilliamsReggie JacksonCatfish Hunter
1962New York YankeesSan Francisco Giants43Ralph HoukMickey MantleWhitey Ford
1961New York YankeesCincinnati Reds41Ralph HoukMickey MantleWhitey Ford
1953New York YankeesBrooklyn Dodgers4Casey StengelYogi BerraWhitey Ford
1952New York YankeesBrooklyn Dodgers43Casey StengelMickey MantleAllie Reynolds
1951New York YankeesNew York Giants42Casey StengelYogi BerraAllie Reynolds
1950New York YankeesPhiladelphia Phillies40Casey StengelPhil RizzutoEddie Lopat
1949New York YankeesBrooklyn Dodgers41Casey StengelTommy HenrichVic Raschi
1939New York YankeesCincinnati Reds40Joe McCarthyJoe DiMaggioRed Ruffing
1938New York YankeesChicago Cubs40Joe McCarthyJoe DiMaggioRuffing/Gomez
1937New York YankeesNew York Giants41Joe McCarthyJoe DiMaggioLefty Gomez
1936New York YankeesNew York Giants42Joe McCarthyLou GehrigRed Ruffing
1930Philadelphia AthleticsSt. Louis Cardinals42Connie MackAl SimmonsLefty Grove
1929Philadelphia AthleticsChicago Cubs41Connie MackJimmie FoxxLefty Grove
1928New York YankeesSt. Louis Cardinals40Miller HugginsBabe RuthGeorge Pipgras
1927New York YankeesPittsburgh Pirates40Miller HugginsBabe RuthWaite Hoyt
1922New York GiantsNew York Yankees40John McGrawIrish MeuselRosy Ryan
1921New York GiantsNew York Yankees53John McGrawFrankie FrischJesse Barnes
1916Boston Red SoxBrooklyn Robins41Bill CarriganLarry GardnerBabe Ruth
1915Boston Red SoxPhiladelphia Phillies41Bill CarriganTris SpeakerErnie Shore
1911Philadelphia AthleticsNew York Giants42Connie MackEddie CollinsEddie Plank
1910Philadelphia AthleticsChicago Cubs41Connie MackEddie CollinsJack Coombs
1908Chicago CubsDetroit Tigers41Frank ChanceJohnny EversMordecai Brown
1907Chicago CubsDetroit Tigers40Frank ChanceFrank ChanceOrval Overall

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