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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bo knows. Jackson, not Porter. Clemens hits batters. Roger and Paul. Selig lets vigilantism continue.

Bo Porter is the manager of the Houston Astros.  He is the youngest manager in the Major Baseball League (MBL) but is not to be confused with Bo Jackson, immortalized in the "Bo knows" TV commercials, which highlighted Jackson's prowess in both the MBL and the NFL.

Position: Outfielder
Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Height: 6' 2", Weight: 195 lb.

Born: July 5, 1972
Drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 40th round of the 1993 amateur draft.
Rangers/Cubs/Athletics 1999-2001

Porter played in 89 games with 142 plate appearances (PA); OPS+ 59.  Porter singled in a run in his only tournament PA, which was for Oakland against the Yankees in 2000; Yanks won the series.  I have no recollection of Porter as a player.

Lowrie calls plunking 'flat-out embarrassing'
Astros' Clemens ejected, nearly hit A's shortstop with pitch last week
By Jane Lee / MLB.com | 4/25/2014 1:54 A.M. ET

Six days after A's shortstop Jed Lowrie was nearly hit twice by a pitch from Clemens, the Astros reliever plunked Lowrie in the backside in the seventh inning of Oakland's 10-1 win Thursday and was immediately ejected by home-plate umpire Toby Basner...

The antics stem from Houston manager Bo Porter's displeasure with Lowrie's decision to bunt in the first inning with his team already leading, 7-0, last Friday. Except Porter had turned on the defensive shift, so Lowrie saw no other choice. 

Later in the game, Clemens threw in between Lowrie's legs, and Porter was seen yelling at the infielder. No matter, Lowrie believed the drama to be over.

Lowrie was 0 for 5 in that Friday April 18 game in Oakland.  On the first inning bunt Clemens threw out Lowrie at first.  You'd think that was enough.  Maybe Porter was upset that his Astros lost 11-3.

Thursday, April 24, 2014, 8:10 pm, Minute Maid Park
Attendance: 19,987, Time of Game: 3:29

First inning Lowrie singled to center off Brett Oberholtzer.

Second inning Lowrie lined out to short left against Oberholtzer.

Fourt inning Lowrie doubled to deep right center off Oberholtzer with Oakland ahead 6-1.

Fifth inning Lowrie doubled to deep right center off Clemens, RBI, Oakland ahead 8-1.

Seventh inning Clemens hit Lowrie with a pitch.  Clemens was ejected.  There was one out, no runners, Oakland leading 8-1.

New pitcher Anthony Bass gave up a homer to the next batter Josh Donaldson driving in Clemens final run, scored by Lowrie.  Oakland up 10-1.

Switch hitting shortstop Jed Lowrie offended Porter in a game six days before by bunting against the shift, something which I have been strongly advocating.  Porter's relief pitcher Paul Clemens assumed or was assigned the role of goon.  In the April 24 game Clemens pitched 2.66 innings, three runs, all earned.  Final score: Oakland 10, Houston 1.

Paul Clemens is no relation to famed head hunter and Houston Astros adviser Roger Clemens.  It's not clear if Roger Clemens advises about performance enhancing drugs (PED).

Apparently Lowrie's primary offense was the score.  Would Porter and Clemens have been offended if Lowrie had homered with his team leading 7-0 instead of bunting against the shift?

The sheer stupidity of this is apparent.  It's the type of thing that caused me to lose interest in the National Hockey League almost 30 years ago.  Am I supposed to be outraged one way or the other and approve vigilante violence?

And where is the righteous one, commissioner Allen Huber "Bud" Selig?  Will his successor have better perspective?  This vigilantism continues while Alex Rodriguez sits out the entire season for violating the PED policy without failing a drug test for this offense.

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