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Friday, July 4, 2014

Bud Selig's doctor allowed Alex Rodriguez to use steroids. Is that enough mitigation to commute A-Rod's sentence?

You can't make up stuff like this.  The story isn't getting as much attention as one might expect, what with a soccer tournament, NBA free agent rumors, etc.  My most recent post on commuting the absurd 162 game regular season suspension of Alex Rodriguez, plus any tournament games that his team might play:

Ryan Dempster, what do you say: should A-Rod's sentence be commuted?  Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alex Rodriguez August 23, 2008
by Keith Allison from Baltimore via Wikimedia Commons
A-Rod's Yankees have now played 83 games (42-41), which means that he has already served more than half a season.  Of the others suspended last season for using performance enhancing drugs (PED), including steroids, in 2013 Ryan Braun served 65 games and the remaining dozen, including Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta,  each served 50 games.  Braun and Cruz are 2014 All Stars.  Now from The New York Times:

Baseball Let Rodriguez Use Testosterone in Big Year, Book Says

But what has not been known until now is that Rodriguez, during that standout season (2007), took the performance-enhancing drug testosterone with the blessing of the doctor who oversaw Major League Baseball’s drug-testing program...

Rodriguez applied for and was granted a therapeutic use exemption to use testosterone by baseball’s drug doctor, Bryan W. Smith. A year later, the authors wrote, Smith gave Rodriguez another exemption to use the drug clomid, which is typically used by bodybuilders to boost their production of testosterone after they cycle off the use of steroids.

The fact that Rodriguez was allowed to use these substances is particularly embarrassing for Commissioner Bud Selig ...

the commissioner’s office said it did not know

So, Selig's doctor allowed Rodriguez to use otherwise banned PED in 2007 and 2008.  Could that have led Rodriguez to think that enforcement of Selig's anti-PED policy was either inconsistent or not serious?

Bud Selig, end your personal vendetta against Alex Rodriguez.  Show some character and re-store him.  End his suspension now.  Let Alex Rodriguez play baseball.

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