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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Boycott. Tell the sponsors you will not buy their products and services until games are completed in two hours.

Beer, cars, and all the other junk that they peddle.  Tell the league, the TV networks and especially tell the sponsors directly that you refuse to buy products and services that support the slow painful death of baseball, which once was our national pastime.

Selig refuses to enforce existing 12 second rule between pitches!  Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Allan Huber "Bud" Selig should suspend himself 211 games and self flagellate indefinitely.

The 80 year old Selig, outgoing commissioner of the Major Baseball League (MBL), actually admitted this in a New York Times article...

Like me, you're probably staggered by the sheer and utter stupidity of what you just read...

Is baseball a game of rules?  Is the commissioner charged with enforcing the rules?  Is the commissioner responsible for the entertainment value of baseball?  Then why is this complete failure allowed to remain in office until January 2015, through yet another annual winter meeting in December? ...

I have written two recent posts calling for the MBL to immediately limit games to two hours.  Selig's statement demonstrates that the current MBL decision makers have no intention of implementing any meaningful changes.  We fans must force the issue.  We must boycott games and especially MBL sponsors.  Refuse to buy their products and services.  I'll highlight this in a future post.

OK, you may not want to stay away from the park and you probably still want to watch games on TV, maybe even without recording and fast forwarding between each pitch.  But you can boycott the sponsors, which will have profound repercussions.  The threat would impact TV networks and that impacts the team owners.  Everybody stands to lose money and that is the only thing that will force them to make changes.  They are killing baseball and if we don't act, we are killing baseball, too.

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