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Friday, September 5, 2014

Bob Costas, could you be more annoying?

Bob Costas is 62 but he still uses his 12 year old kid persona, which wore thin long ago.  Worse, he keeps beating the same dead horse.

The other day I cruised past a game on the Bud Selig MLB Network.  Costas was doing play-by-play and Jim Kaat color commentary.  Even with brief exposure I happened to hear Costas, probably out of the context of that game, say that Hank Aaron hit 755 home runs, the real record.  Kaat remained silent.

What the heck is that about?  Barry Bonds broke Aaron's record for career home runs by hitting 762.  Get over it.  Bonds is 50 years old and last played September 26, 2007 at age 43.  He's long gone.  Why even bring that up again?  And why then?  What the heck did it have to do with the game Costas was announcing?

Where are the professional standards?  Does the game producer ever talk to Costas about stuff like that?  Or is that network policy, to support the steroid zealot position of Selig, who is, in effect, Costas's boss?

Whatever your position on performance enhancing drugs (PED), aren't you tired of this type of gratuitous comment, which is made with the implicit assumption that all right thinking baseball fans must agree?  Can't we simply watch a game without hearing editorial comment, especially about an old subject?

Bob Costas, grow up or get lost.  How about a 211 day suspension?  Maybe you can leave with Selig.

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