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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Two Derek Jeter 2 patches are two too many for even this Yankee fan.

I had anticipated that the Steinbrenner Kids presentation of Derek Jeter Day Sunday would be unacceptable so I skipped the ceremonies and waited for the game to start.  By the time I noticed that the Yankees were playing, the NFL games had started, the Yankees were being shut out and I didn't pay too much attention to them.
April 1, 2008 By Snarlinmonsta (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons
Their next game was last night and I immediately noticed that "hey, look at me" Derek Jeter number 2 patch on the side of the cap of pitcher Hiroki Kuroda.  The patch was larger than I had thought.  Then I noticed yet another, even larger Jeter patch on the sleeve of Kuroda.  What the heck?  Two?  Two stupid patches?  On every Yankee?  Including Jeter, who already has his number on his back, making three 2s?  And Jeter's not even dead.

For a while this season I had thought that Jeter was handling the extra attention with some grace and perspective.  But having and/or allowing the Yankees create yet another money making scheme with this patch, which promotes the individual over the team, was a clear indication that Jeter has succumbed to way too much adulation.

And that adulation is way overblown for a player who is way overrated.  There I said it.

Derek Jeter is overrated.

I'll address whether Jeter has surpassed teammate Ichiro Suzuki as the most overrated player of the millennium in a future post.

Ichiro Suzuki: is he the most overrated player this milenium?  Thursday, July 26, 2012

WADJ: Wins Above Derek Jeter Wednesday May 23, 2012

The descent of Jeter as a player might evoke sympathy but his diamond necklace and self promotion has made him seem selfish even as he hustles his 40 year old best.  I can't help but like Jeter but I do not like all this silly attention that he is receiving nor his swagger, which is even more unbecoming for a non home run hitter.  I wonder how Red Sox fans feel.  When the Yankees play their final three scheduled regular season games in Boston, maybe Red Sox fans will chant:

Derek Jeter ... overrated!

Wait until they read my post on that.

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