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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Choose up sides. How about using Yankee and Met players?

Try it.  Maybe your team against a traditional rival, geographic or otherwise.  I'll try it here between the Yankees and Mets but just to encourage others to give it a try.  Having first pick could be crucial.

It could be done for just the upcoming season or for projected success for the next few years.  Use whatever criteria you like, including fan favorites.  You don't need to be a jerk like Billy Beane trading Josh Donaldson, his best player.

I'll try it this way: pitchers and non-pitchers separately.  It could also be done among all players.

Note: this should not be confused with:

All city: New York 1947-1957 summary.  Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'll project for the next three to five seasons but not consider money and I'll ignore the DH.  Picks alternate between sides.  OK, here we go.  Picks follow display of data: Yankees first, then Mets.

1CBrian McCann*30140538495571151512375003277.232.286.406.69294201167041
21BMark Teixeira#34123508440569514022621158109.216.313.398.711101175136043
32BBrian Roberts#36913483174075164521742853.237.300.360.6598711491111
4SSDerek Jeter40145634581471491914501023587.256.304.313.61776182156840
53BYangervis Solarte#26752892522664140631003034.254.337.381.7181049683130
6LFBrett Gardner*3014863655587142258175821556134.256.327.422.749111234361360
7CFJacoby Ellsbury*301496355757115627516703954993.271.328.419.74711124193075
8RFIchiro Suzuki*40143385359421021321221532168.284.324.340.6648912231221
9DHCarlos Beltran#3710944940346942301549313780.233.301.402.70398162114052
1CTravis d'Arnaud2510842138548932231341103264.242.302.416.718105160152115
21BLucas Duda*281535965147413027030923269135.253.349.481.83013724799048
32BDaniel Murphy*29143642596791723729571353986.289.332.403.734111240152053
4SSRuben Tejada241194193553084110534125073.237.342.310.65290110884211
53BDavid Wright31134586535541443018638542113.269.324.374.698101200224055
6LFEric Young#2910031628048641051173062460.229.299.311.610778725521
7CFJuan Lagares25116452416461172434471342087.281.321.382.70310215967361
8RFCurtis Granderson*331556545647312827220668279141.227.326.388.71410521916051
side with first pick:
1. David Wright 3B Mets
2. Travis d'Arnaud, C Mets
3. Daniel Murphy 2B Mets
4. Juan Lagares, CF Mets
5. Mark Teixeira 1B Yankees
6. Curtis Granderson, RF Mets

side with second pick:
1. Jacoby Ellsbury CF Yankees
2. Lucas Duda 1B Mets
3. Brett Gardner Yankees
4. Ruben Tejada, SS Mets
5. Brian McCann C, Yankees
6. Carlos Beltran, RF Yankees

That's about it.  Beyond that it's just silly.  Of the top three on each side, the Mets have four of six with David Wright the number one overall pick.

Pitchers will include those returning from injury who may not be listed among the stats:

1SPHiroki Kuroda39119.5503.7132320000199.019191822035014670138201043.601.1368.
2SPMasahiro Tanaka25135.7222.7720200310136.11234742152101414045421403.041.0568.
3SPDavid Phelps2755.5004.3832175101113.011562551346292712497884.411.4259.
4SPBrandon McCarthy3075.5832.891414011090.191352910130821013701343.221.1519.
5SPShane Greene2554.5563.781514000078.28138338290816013451033.731.3989.
6SPVidal Nuno*2625.2865.421714100078.08652471526160204339715.171.4369.
7CLDavid Robertson2945.4443.0863055003964.14523227232961002591262.681.0576.
8RPDellin Betances26501.0001.40700800190.046151442411354123412771.640.7784.60.42.413.55.63
1SPBartolo Colon411513.5364.0931310000202.1218979222303151502846853.571.2269.
2SPJon Niese*27911.4503.4030300000187.21938071174501387037861023.671.2689.
3SPZack Wheeler241111.5003.5432320110185.11678473147931871109794983.551.3278.
4SPJacob deGrom2696.6002.6922220000140.1117444274321441015651302.671.1407.
5SPDillon Gee2878.4674.0022220000137.112861611843094513570874.521.2458.
side with first pick:

Photo of Matt Harvey

1. Matt Harvey, Mets
2. Jacob deGrom, Mets
3. Zack Wheeler, Mets
4. Dellin Betances, Yankees reliever

side with second pick:

1. Masahiro Tanaka, Yankees
2. Michael Pineda, Yankees
3. Ian Nova, Yankees
4. CC Sabathia, Yankees

OK, don't kill me for the picks.  It's the idea that counts.  If I were picking among all players, I'd probably pick Matt Harvey number one.  I could have put Betances higher but I didn't think of him in time.

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