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Monday, January 12, 2015

Mad Dog: "a little history lesson". Very little.

Eddie Cicotte started two games after his 29th win in 1919:


36461119Sep 1(2)CHW@DETW,5-1CGW(27-7)29.041016001.77358230200
37462121Sep 5CHWCLEW,9-1CGW(28-7)39.061064001.71387132300
38463133Sep 19CHW@BOSW,3-2CGW(29-7)139.072103001.69337032100
39464136Sep 24CHWSLBW,6-5GS-47.0115514001.803138300
40465140Sep 28CHWDETL,9-10GS-32.031101001.8284780
Today on his "High Heat" MLB Network TV program Chris "Mad Dog" Russo droned on about the 1919 Chicago White Sox who took money from gamblers to intentionally lose the 1919 World Series to the Cincinnati Reds.  Russo repeated something that had been debunked and which can easily be checked in a minute or two: a contributing factor in Eddie Cicotte joining the conspirators who threw the games was that Cicotte had an agreement with White Sox management to receive a bonus if he won 30 games in the 1919 regular season and that the White Sox management prevented Cicotte from reaching that goal by not pitching him.

Why would Russo make such a mistake?  Doesn't he have a school kid working as an intern who could take the minute or two and check the basic facts?  Why just blindly and blandly repeat what Russo had seen in watching the 1988 movie Eight Men Out?  The rest of Russo's self described history lesson sounded as if he had merely watched the movie again and tried to regurgitate as much as he happened to recall.

Eddie Cicotte

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