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Monday, January 5, 2015

Pedro Martinez v. Mike Mussina: Hall of Fame character criteria judged by Hit by Pitch.

Pedro Martinez and Mike Mussina could not have been more different on an issue: Hit by Pitch (HBP).

Pedro Martinez: does intentionally hitting batters constitute a character flaw that eliminates him from the Hall of Fame?  Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pedro Martinez intentionally hit batters.  That's against the rules...

I'm tired of hearing talking heads pontificate about not supporting this candidate or that because of what often is only a vague suspicion of impropriety.  Such impropriety involves performance enhancing drugs  (PED), including steroids, 100% of the time.  No other character flaw is ever considered.  So the writers who vote invoke the character clauses for qualification for only one type of offense to the exclusion of all others...

So why is Pedro Martinez a sure bet to be elected?  Why does no one invoke the character criteria?  Why doesn't borderline candidate Mike Mussina get any credit for having good character on this very point.  While Mussina was an active player he explicitly renounced intentionally hitting batters, even in retaliation for his teammates being hit by an opposing pitcher, who sometimes was none other than Pedro Martinez.  Mussina does not get such credit even from his supporters who concentrate exclusively on Mussina's "record" and "playing ability".

This is just another reason to kill the Hall of Fame.

I found such a game:

Monday, July 7, 2003, 1:05PM, Yankee Stadium II
Attendance: 55,016, Time of Game: 2:49
Yankees 2, Red Sox 1
starting pitchers: Pedro Martinez v. Mike Mussina

Mike Mussina by Rich Hauck
at Yankee Stadium 9/3/07
in relief for Roger Clemens
via Wikimedia Commons
In the top of the first Manny Ramirez hit a two out RBI double to put Boston ahead 1-0.

The first two Yankee batters were Alfonso Soriano and Derek Jeter.  Both left after only one plate appearance (PA).   In the bottom of the first inning Soriano led off and struck out.  Jeter was then HBP thrown by Red Sox starter Martinez.  The Yankees failed to score and Soriano was replaced by Enrique Wilson to start the second inning.  In the top of the third Jeter was replaced by Robin Ventura.

Bottom 6 Wilson led off with a double off Martinez and he scored on a single by Jason Giambi: 1-1.  Bruce Kim pitched the 8th and 9th for Boston.  9th: Hideki Matsui single, Jorge Posada PH HBP, Ventura SP, Curtis Pride safe on error by 2B, Matsui scored.  Yanks win 2-1.

Martinez did his thing: HBP.  Mussina did his thing: refuse to HBP, even as retaliation and protection of his teammates, even Yankee captain Derek Jeter.  This was the fourth consecutive day with a game between the teams and Jeter had also been HBP the previous day by Red Sox starter John Burkett: botton 2, loading the bases, Yanks leading 2-1.  Yanks won 7-1.

In terms of Hall of Fame election criteria integrity, sportsmanship character and being a good teammate, which pitcher gets more credit: Martinez or Mussina?  If Mussina, how come that is never raised as a positive attribute in his consideration for election to the Hall of Fame?

Kill the Hall of Fame.  Friday, December 26, 2014

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