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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A-Rod apologized. Why?

It was signed Alex.  That was a nice touch.  As was the fact that it was actually hand written, which does not mean that Alex Rodriguez was the sole author.  Still, that provided a hint of authenticity, sincerity.

Many were sceptical.  Some outraged.  Some are always outraged.  Some wanted a press conference.  Some a public execution.

Rodriguez should not have apologized.  Why should he?  The one small part of his statement that seemed to represent the hurt that he must feel was Rodriguez correctly pointing out that he had served a longer suspension than any baseball player for using performance drugs (PED).

As far as I know, except for the seven White Sox players who took money to intentionally lose the 1919 World Series plus one who knew but didn't turn them in, Alex Rodriguez has served the longest suspension of any player for any reason.  Having served his entire sentence without ever any hint of commutation, Rodriguez owes nothing.  If anything Rodriguez is owed.

Rodriguez should not have met with the new commissioner Rob "Bud Light" Manfred, the A-Rod slayer.

Rodriguez should not have met with the Yankees.

Rodriguez should merely show up at Yankee spring training and be a baseball player.

Why apologize?  What kind of person wanted Rodriguez to apologize?  The kind who then do nothing but ridicule Rodriguez for his apology.

I think many people, especially Yankee fans, are over this issue.  Rodriguez served his time.  It's over.  Mostly it's the media types who cannot get over it.  For them Rodriguez can do no right.  Nothing he does is good enough for them.  Rodriguez should leave the planet.  That's what they want.  Then they can accuse Rodriguez of running away.

The media people are desperate for Rodriguez to fail if he plays.  They want it to be justification for their turning all this into a morality play.  Rodriguez will be punished for violating their sense of baseball justice.

I'm rooting for Rodriguez to play well.  I'm a Yankee fan and I want both Rodriguez and the Yankees to succeed.  I'm also rooting for Rodriguez to make the Yankee haters among the media people to be exposed for the hypocrites they are.

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