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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New York teams combined: Mets/Yankees split starting nine.

The embarrassing thing is that it probably would not stack up against either Chicago team.  Ownership of the two New York teams may be at a combined all time low.

Combined Yankees/Mets:

C Brian McCann Yankees
1B Lucas Duda Mets
2B Daniel Murphy Mets
3B David Wright Mets
SS Didi Gregorius Yankees
LF Brett Gardner Yankees
CF Jacoby Ellsbury Yankees
RF Michael Cuddyer (Mets)/Carlos Beltran (Yankees) toss up because Beltran misses games
Starting pitcher Matt Harvey Mets
Matt Harvey September 19, 2012 by slgckgc], via Wikimedia Commons
The combined New York players are not an imposing nine.  In 2014:
Mets: 79-83  Pythagorean W-L: 82-80
Yankees: 84-78  Pythagorean W-L: 77-85

Mets may have been better than Yanks in 2014 and have their young ace returning.

Chicago over New York.  In the immortal words of Chester A. Riley: "What a revolting development this is.".

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Daniel Moscovitz said...

Huh? This isn't what you would do if you had those 50 guys signed and wanted to make 25 out of it. Both teams have third basemen that need to see the field and probably the best position player on either team is Lagares, how can you not start him in CF?

1) Elsbury LF
2) Gardner RF
3) Wright 3B
4) Duda DH
5) McCann C
6) Headley 1B
7) Murphy 2B
8) Gregorious SS
9) Lagares CF


SP1 Harvey
SP2 Tanaka
SP3 DeGrom
SP4 Wheeler
SP5 Pineda
LRP Eovaldi
RP Miller
RP Wilson
RP Carpenter
RP Warren
RP Familia
CP Betances

Close to the defense in baseball except at second base and a pitching staff better than anyone else by a mile. They don't have terrifying bats but you're not going to score against em. Eovaldi on a shorter look is going to feature one of the best fastballs in baseball and can ditch his slider/curve. Betances has the best stuff of all of em but Miller/Wilson give a lot of lefty options. I'm of the opinion Carpenter has more to show over somebody like Parnell. Familia and Warren are impossible to argue.