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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Desecration of a green cathedral: soccer at Yankee Stadium.

Yesterday's post:

Start the regular season at the spring training sites.

As I write this a professional soccer game is being played at Yankee Stadium.  Yankee Stadium!

One point mentioned on talk radio this afternoon was that the current Yankee ownership and management (Steinbrenner Kids and Randy Levine) will make non-baseball money this summer by allowing many soccer games to be played on the sacred turf during the baseball season.  Clearly this means the Yankee spring training site will be in better playing condition than Yankee Stadium.  Supposedly the Yankees claim that the baseball worthiness of the field will be maintained by careful grounds keeping and scheduling these soccer games no closer than three days before any Yankee game.

I have long thought that the doomsday weapon and last and final act of the international Communist conspiracy would be replacing baseball with soccer in the United States of America.  This dastardly plot has reached a new low.

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