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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do overs should be allowed in these silly exhibition games.

Why not?  In recent posts I have recommended that the regular season start at the spring training sites, preferably with no exhibition games between teams, just intrasquad games.  But if they insist on playing exhibition games between teams, why not loosen the rules?  A specific loosening that would enhance the training aspect of these games would be to allow mutually agreed upon do overs.

For instance, a big deal pitcher is pitching to a big deal batter and the batter accidentally hits the first pitch back to the pitcher and is thrown out at first.  Neither got any real practice.  Both managers might want to have a do over, right?  So do it already.  Why stick to regular season rules in exhibition games?  They have one difference.  If a game goes into extra innings the managers can agree to stop playing and let the game end in a tie.  Why not?  It's just a dopey exhibition game.

Do overs.  Yes!

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