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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pace of play reform failed but is acceptable to owners.

Somewhere the sun is shining
Somewhere children shout
But there is no joy in Mudville
Might Casey steps out (of the batter's box after every damn pitch!)

Too slow! Batters step out after every pitch! What happened to reform? Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jon Morosi just assured Chris "Mad Dog" Russo on the MLB Network TV program that commissioner Manfred, the A-Rod Slayer, and the owners are satisfied because the total length of games has decreased by 8 minutes.  Manfred is, of course, in charge of that network.  It never occurred to Morosi or Russo that length of games is different from pace of play but that was the least of their problems.

What's most amazing is not that fat cats are congratulating each other for going about their business but that most baseball fans are so oblivious to just how boring baseball is.  Maybe it always was and it now seems really slow because we have so many other things to do and think about.  But it's just so obvious that 90% of the time it takes to complete games (aside from TV commercials) is empty, wasted time that contains nothing entertaining.  No, it doesn't help that there's also empty time in football and basketball games, too.

What the heck?

It's the same pointless jerking around that slowly became an integral part of baseball during the 22 mind numbing years that Allan Huber "Bud" Selig sucked the life out of what was left of baseball after Bowie Kuhn had gotten through with it.

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