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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

FBI investigating Cardinals hack of Astros computers. Where's the outrage?

Cardinals Face F.B.I. Inquiry in Hacking of Astros’ Network
By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT JUNE 16, 2015 The New York Times

It's been mentioned today on the MLB Network but not much and programming is rolling along as usual.

What the heck?

Media people got hysterical over the NFL New England Patriots story of the team supplied footballs possibly being changed more than the NFL allowed (how bush is that?).

Maybe it's because that involved a high profile quarterback. Maybe computer networking intrigue is not so intriguing, especially for people concerned with whether Kansas City fans are voting for Kansas City players to start in the All Star game more than the 35 times allowed by the baseball league.

But we're talking about the FBI. The FBI. Come on! Show some interest. Show some outrage. The model baseball city and the model baseball team has been besmirched. Come on.

Had the offending team been the New York Yankees, the main stream media types would be all over it. No chance. The Steinbrenner Kids are certainly sleazy enough but are too dumb and lazy.

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