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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Success rates: football 65%, basketball 50%, baseball 30%.

National Basketball Association (NBA) field goal rate leaders for 2014-2015 season:


2-PT Field Goal Pct
1.DeAndre Jordan ▪ LAC.713
2.Jonas Valanciunas ▪ TOR.573
3.Marcin Gortat ▪ WAS.569
4.DeMarre Carroll ▪ ATL.567
5.Timofey Mozgov ▪ TOT.557
6.Goran Dragic ▪ TOT.554
7.Tyler Zeller ▪ BOS.549
8.Al Horford ▪ ATL.547
9.Anthony Davis ▪ NOP.540
10.LeBron James ▪ CLE.536
Donatas Motiejunas ▪ HOU.536
3-Pt Field Goal Pct
1.Kyle Korver ▪ ATL.492
2.Eric Gordon ▪ NOP.448
3.Stephen Curry ▪ GSW.443
4.Klay Thompson ▪ GSW.439
5.J.J. Redick ▪ LAC.437
6.Anthony Morrow ▪ OKC.434
7.Danny Green ▪ SAS.418
8.Kyrie Irving ▪ CLE.415
9.Bradley Beal ▪ WAS.409
10.Mike Dunleavy ▪ CHI.407
Even for three point attempts, the number ten player was more successful than the most recent baseball .400 hitter: Ted Williams .406 in 1941.

National Football League (NFL) pass completion rate leaders for 2014 season:


Pass Completion %
1.Tony Romo* · DAL69.9%
2.Drew Brees* · NOR69.2%
3.Ben Roethlisberger* · PIT67.1%
4.Philip Rivers · SDG66.5%
5.Ryan Tannehill · MIA66.4%
6.Peyton Manning* · DEN66.2%
7.Matt Ryan* · ATL66.1%
8.Jay Cutler · CHI66.0%
9.Aaron Rodgers*+ · GNB65.6%
10.Alex Smith · KAN65.3%
500 batting average would make hitters and pitchers even. Friday, June 12, 2015

As that post indicates 40 at bats (AB) is about the maximum that either a hitter or pitcher will have in a season with a .500 batting average (BA) by or against.

What the heck?  Why do the newer team sports have much higher success rates?  I know, the success rates for pitchers is 70%.  Ha, ha.  That's about the most imaginative reaction that this topic is likely to get from 99% of baseball fans.  Or, it's supposed to be difficult otherwise everybody would bat .500.  As if that's a problem in football or basketball.

Wake the heck up.


Cliff Blau said...

The success rates for the top batters in MLB are as follows:
Harper 48%
Goldschmidt 48%
Cabrera 44%
Rizzo 42%

Right up there with 3-point shooting.

Kenneth Matinale said...

This is the type of stuff that keeps baseball in the dark ages: misdirection and self delusion.. Why compare overall with high risk? Maybe a success rate for extra base hits would be less misleading. Or using overall shooting in basketball, not just from long distance. For the most recent ten seasons, the highest success rate for NBA shooters is at least .600.


Season Lg Player FG% Tm
2014-15 NBA DeAndre Jordan .7097 LAC
2013-14 NBA DeAndre Jordan .6757 LAC
2012-13 NBA DeAndre Jordan .6434 LAC
2011-12 NBA Tyson Chandler .6789 NYK
2010-11 NBA Nene Hilario .6147 DEN
2009-10 NBA Dwight Howard .6115 ORL
2008-09 NBA Shaquille O'Neal .6088 PHO
2007-08 NBA Andris Biedrins .6262 GSW
2006-07 NBA Mikki Moore .6087 NJN
2005-06 NBA Shaquille O'Neal .6000 MIA