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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Carl Hubbell struck out five Hall of Famers consecutively in 1934 All Star game.

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx to end the first inning.  Then Al Simmons and Joe Cronin to start the second.  New York Giants lefthander Carl Hubbell struck out five Hall of Fame American League (AL) batters in a row.  It was the second All Star game.

Tuesday, July 10, 1934, Polo Grounds V
Attendance: 48,368, Time of Game: 2:44
AL 9, NL 7

1933 Goudey baseball card via Wikimedia Commons
In a sense it was easy.  All nine AL players were eventually elected to the Hall of Fame.  The others: Charlie Gehringer, Heinie Manush, Bill Dickey, Lefty Gomez. Gehringer started the game with a single and Manush walked. Then Hubbell struck out Ruth, Gehrig and Foxx.

After Hubbell's streak extended to five, Dickey singled but Hubbell struck out opposing pitcher Gomez. All six batters retired in the first two innings were by strike out. No strike outs in the third. With two out Ruth walked but Gehrig flied to right to end it. Hubbell pitched three shutout innings. His National League (NL) team would lose 9-7 but pitching at home in New York Carl Hubbell did something that has not been matched.

Although you'd hardly know it by some of the reaction to the 2015 All Star game.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 7:00PM, Great American Ball Park
Attendance: 43,656, Time of Game: 3:02
AL 6, NL 3

Fox and MLB Network announcers were practically orgasmic because in the 6th inning New York Met pitcher Jacob deGrom had struck out all three AL batters faced on only 10 pitches. However, deGrom faced Stephen Vogt, Jason Kipnis, Jose Iglesias. None of deGrom's pitches were struck.

Aroldis Chapman of the home town Reds then pretty much matched deGrom's feat by striking out all three batters faced in the 9th, although Chapman took 14 pitches. Chapman faced Brock Holt, Mike Moustakas and Mark Teixeira.

NL Zack Greinke allowed a leadoff homer to Mike Trout but then struck out four batters in two innings. Greinke struck out Albert Pujols and Nelson Cruz in the first, then Lorenzo Cain popped out. In the second Greinke struck out Adam Jones and Salvador Perez to start, then Jose Altuve grounded out. So Greinke struck out 4 of 5 All Stars.

King Carl still reigns.

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