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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Frank Robinson, Bruce Bochy, Joe Torre decline to support Pete Rose.

Frank Robinson, Bruce Bochy and Joe Torre were all asked about Pete Rose yesterday afternoon.  I saw it on the MLB Network.  Robinson and Bochy were both at the same event promoting the starting pitchers in tonight's All Star game.  Torre was later interviewed on various matters.  Chronologically:

Robinson stated that he was not involved in the decision to have Rose involved in the All Star game activities and that he would keep his opinion to himself.

Bochy babbled on about growing up a Cincinnati Reds fan and blah, blah, blah.  But no hint of support for Rose.

Torre was smooth and is waiting to see what the commissioner does ... but that warning (about gambling) has been posted in the clubhouses a long time.

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cmdrsurok said...

Pete Rose has always seemed like a riddle to be solved. Has the "death penalty" on betting kept baseball out of gambling scandals that seemed to plague much of its early history? Do the lavish salaries of today help alleviate worries of a 21st century gambling problem in baseball? What's your take on a certain daily fantasy company that advertises heavily on the official network and even has daily picks endorsed by representatives of MLB? Did Pete Rose simply choose the wrong time and medium to fuel his habits outside of baseball? If he made $50 million at the time he played, would he have been the player or person he was during and after his baseball playing days? There are lots of questions and only few answers, most received with multiple versions, contexts, and times.