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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mark Teixeira was dumb and selfish again.

Mark Teixeira would not bunt for a single against the shift, down two, 9th inning, tying run on deck. Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yankee manager Joe Girardi did not order Mark Teixeira to bunt. Mark Teixeira did not even consider bunting even though a single was almost a sure thing against the extreme shift. Mark Teixeira wanted to preserve his inalienable right to hit a home run even if a home run could not even tie the game...

Shame on both Girardi and Teixeira.

Same thing tonight in Fenway Park: Boston beat Yanks 5-3.  Teixeira led off 9th and made out.  The three Fox announcers, like the Yankee announcers in the game mentioned in the post above, never addressed this.  It's so common that it's not worth a comment and most boring baseball people are numb to this type of dumb.

More detail in the other post.  It's way too boring to go into it every time this moron Teixeira does this.  Baseball has descended into a state of ...

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