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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Alex Rodriguez milestone to be honored by Yankees ... three months late.

Alex Rodriguez has reached two big round milestone numbers and may reach a third one this season.  The Yankees have announced that they will honor Alex for the one where he ranks the lowest.


By Bryan Hoch / MLB.com | @BryanHoch | August 14th, 2015 

TORONTO -- The Yankees have planned a special pregame ceremony to celebrate Alex Rodriguez's 3,000th career hit on Sunday, Sept. 13, against the Blue Jays, and the slugger said that he was "in disbelief" when informed of the upcoming honor.

Rodriguez became the 29th player to reach the 3,000-hit plateau on June 19, hitting a first-inning solo home run off the Tigers' Justin Verlander. Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are the only players to join the 3,000-hit club in a Yankees uniform.


There followed the expected blah, blah, blah about everybody getting along.  Aside from the obvious possibility of hypocrisy, there's the question of why the Yankees are honoring Alex for this particular milestone.

Alex needs to score only 17 more Runs to reach 2,000.  That would make him number 8.  He's already number 4 (2 on the incorrect official list) in RBI.  But on the Hits list Rodriguez is only number 24.

So why are the Yankees and some others fixed on Hits?  Some possible reasons:
Photo of Derek Jeter
1. That's the only list on which Derek Jeter (5) is ahead of Rodriguez.
2. Hits seems most removed from benefiting from the use of performance enhancing drugs (PED), including steroids.
3. The Steinbrenner Kids, who run the Yankees once owned by their late father George, don't know what they are doing.

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