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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ump is always right ... unless the play can be reviewed. Never complain. Adapt to the ump.

Batters take too many fat ones.  Then they cry when they're called out on a pitch off the plate.  Pitchers do the same in reverse.  Blaming the ump does not help.  In fact, I think it hurts.

I've been thinking that coaches/managers complaining about officiating in all three USA the team sports helps very little getting subsequent calls to go their way and puts the idea in the heads of the players that the official is the problem.

Coach should not complain and should forbid players from complaining, either to or about the officials.  No player should ever be ejected for arguing with an official.  The official is always right.  Get that in your head and you're a lot better off.  Learn the ump's strike zone and never get called out, instead of complaining that the ump was wrong.  There's no such thing on a play that is not reviewable, which includes balls and strikes.  The ump is always right.

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