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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Who would win games between pitchers and players?

Babe Ruth started as a catcher, then a pitcher, then an outfielder.  Without the Babe, the pitchers might be in real trouble.
Photo of Babe Ruth
I'm considering today's teams being divided.  Most teams have at least 12 pitchers on their 25 man roster.  Split them up and play ball!  Consider it for the team you root for.

Pitchers are not players, needing only one of the five tools. Monday, August 10, 2015

Hit with power

Those are the traditional skills by which baseball players have been and continue to be judged.  Pitchers are judged only by the one obvious skill and as such are not baseball players in any real sense.


Advantage players:
- hitting
- fielding
- base running and stealing

Advantage pitchers:
- pitching

I think the players would crush the pitchers and win the overwhelming majority of games.  Pitchers have become so insulated and pampered that they do little, if anything, other than pitch.

The players are accustomed to batting against real pitchers, so there's no fundamental disadvantage.  Dynamics that impact:

1. Pitchers can mix and match continuously since all of those in the field are pitchers.  They can just swap positions.  The result would be things like all lefty batting players would face lefty pitchers.

2. A pitcher would be playing catcher.  The one advantage the pitchers could have would be striking out the batters and not subjecting pitcher/fielders to having to make plays.  However, this would likely result in a Little League like farce as the catcher would probably be charged with passed balls and the batters would reach first base even after striking out.

3. Pitchers would be batting against non-pitchers.  Pitchers don't hit well but that is against real pitchers.  How would pitchers do against players who might just be laying it in there?  The quality of non-pitchers could vary a lot, from batting practice stuff to someone who has some pitching experience and/or really good stuff.

The pitchers might have a disproportionate number of lefty throwers but should have enough righties to field righties at second, third and short, the only positions that really need a righty thrower.

Since the catching position is so bizarre, even non-catcher players do not want to play it and if they did they would play it poorly.   So what if we remove that variable and let the pitchers use a regular catcher?  How much would that improve the chances that the pitchers would defeat the players?  I'm guessing that even with a real catcher, the pitchers would still get clobbered.  Even with a real catcher, I don't see pitchers making tag plays at second and third.  And without a real catcher, the players would probably steal bases at will.

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