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Monday, September 7, 2015

Rob Refsnyder for Matt Harvey.

OK, Met fans, let's see just how much you've turned on one of your own.  Your guy won't clear waivers because the first team that has a chance would take him, so my proposed trade would have to take place after the season.

Rob Refsnyder for Matt Harvey.

Mets need a second baseman and Refsnyder is the Yankee second baseman of the future.  Presumably next spring the job will be Refsnyder's to lose.  Like any team the Yankees can always use another starting pitcher.  So I propose that the Yankees take Harvey off your hands.  Harvey's future is still somewhat in doubt as he continues to deal with the "Tommy John" surgery he had on his pitching elbow in October 2013.

You Met fans think that Harvey and/or his super agent Scott Boras are evil.  So rid yourselves of both.
Photo of Rob Refsnyder
Refsnyder is a really good guy, better than Met fans deserve.  Refsnyder has a really good story: born in South Korea, adopted very young, All American kid who works hard and makes good.  He's already hit his first major league home run.  Pretty good hitter learning second base.  OPS in AAA 2014, 2015: .845, .761.

It's a reasonable trade.

Tommy John, the pitcher, was born May 22, 1943; debut with Cleveland Sept. 6, 1963.
Seven years as a starter with the White Sox, then 6 of 7 starting for the Dodgers.  John had his surgery in 1974 (age 31) and did not pitch in 1975.  John's third year with the Yankees was the shortened 1981 season.  In his first two Yankee seasons ages 36-37:
1979: 276 innings (career high), 21-9, 2.96 ERA
1980: 265 innings, 22-9, 3.43 ERA

I'm guessing Met management and Met fans would be very pleased with Refsnyder at second for a decade, or at least until he's eligible to earn some real money.  Met management might be anxious to be rid of Harvey who is being paid $614,125 for 2015.  However, in 2016 Harvey becomes eligible for salary arbitration and the Mets would be forced to pay Harvey considerably more.  Harvey could become a free agent in 2019.  So from a cost control point of view, trading Harvey after burning him out for max profit in 2015 makes the most sense.

I think the chances of Refsnyder being voted a league MVP award are about 1 in 10,000.  However, the chances that Harvey could be voted a Cy Young award are about 1 in 100.  Those are just some rough numbers that I made up.

But this is all about hysteria.  It's a contest between Met fans and Met writers as to which group  can be more hysterical over Matt Harvey.

In private messages from a friend who is a long time Met fan, Harvey's agent Scott Boras was referred to as Bor-ass (very clever, huh?), the experience as Met existentialism and the Yankees described as too corporate for those existential Met fan sensibilities.  At least I was spared the 1950s "Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel".  Right, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Billy Martin, Casey Stengel were such corporate types.

The glory years of New York baseball were 1958-1961.  We had just rid ourselves of the Giants and Dodgers when along comes the expansion Mets.  Maybe the Mets and their fans can simply move.  Maybe to San Antonio, Portland, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Tampa ...  Hey that's it.  Tampa!  The fans there can split their loyalties between the Rays and Mets, two single syllable names.  What a rivalry that would be.  And for so much less money.

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