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Friday, October 9, 2015

Brian Cashman should be fired immediately.

Get somebody in time to fully engage in the off season activities.

Yankee signings of Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran were mistakes I opposed. Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Two off seasons ago, between 2013 and 2014, I clearly opposed the free agent signings of:
- Jacoby Ellsbury
- Brian McCann
- Carlos Beltran.


Yankee owners: A Fish Rots From The Head Down. Steinbrenner Kids must fire GM Brian Cashman or sell to someone who will. Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Steinbrenner Kids have got to go.  That's the only way that Yankee fans can be rid of the toxic Brian Cashman, general manager too long...

... Cashman has gotten way too much power and control ...

The Yankees are stuck with too few good prospects in their farm system, too many old players on the active roster with too much money on contracts with too many years.  Cashman is responsible for all of that...

And Girardi?  I sense that Joe does not like being reduced to a puppet, a role that is becoming more common among most teams.

Cashman seems secure in his job.  That's because the Steinbrenner Kids are clueless.  The fish is rotting from the head down and nothing is being done.  It stinks.

Brian Cashman: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles. ALDS Game 1. October 7, 2012 By Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons


Michael Lynch said...

You don't seem to be very familiar with the Yankees current farm system. The only time they have had as many prospects in the upper level of the systems was the period from 92 to 95, following several terrible years. You can see over the past few years by the contributions at the major league level of Betances, Severino, Bird, Murphy, and cameos of others. They have done this without a period a losing period like they had from 89-91.

Ryan Versen said...

What do you think of the Farm system now...bullshit! Cashman is full of it! The Yankees are a freekin mess...they are horrible with no good in sight! Its time for Cashman to step down...he's never delivered a quality all star centerpiece player since he took over as General Manager....two decades of nothing! Texas keeps winning and keeps finding great players in the draft...look how fast the Phillies are turning things around...Yankee organization is a brain dead joke...from Cashman right down through the scouting system...total incompetence masked by a huge payroll to protect them!