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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Daniel Murphy meet Lou Gehrig.

For those of you with the common sense not to disparage the term, Met Daniel Murphy has been hot in the 2015 tournament.  Murphy has tied a record with homers in five consecutive tournament games, none in the finals, which is the current round analogous to the old World Series.

Gehrig at Comiskey Park 1927 by Chicago Daily News via Wikimedia Commons
Below are the season leaders in World Series and "League" Series in OPS, HR, RBI.

Lou Gehrig's performance in the 1928 World Series stands out.  In addition to Gehrig holding the WS record for OPS at 2.433, he also holds the record for SLG at 1.727.  Murphy has OPS of 1.322 in 2015 in the eight games he has played so far: 5 in the first round and three in round two.


World Series

On-Base % Plus Slugging %

1.Lou Gehrig2.433171928 WS
2.Billy Hatcher2.050151990 WS
3.Hideki Matsui2.027142009 WS
4.Babe Ruth2.022171928 WS
5.Barry Bonds1.994302002 WS
6.Hank Gowdy1.960161914 WS
7.David Ortiz1.948252013 WS
8.Reggie Jackson1.792241977 WS
9.Lou Gehrig1.718201932 WS
10.Johnny Bench1.667151976 WS

Home Runs

1.Chase Utley5252009 WS
 Reggie Jackson5241977 WS
3.Hank Bauer4311958 WS
 Babe Ruth4311926 WS
 Duke Snider4311952 WS
 Barry Bonds4302002 WS
 Lenny Dykstra4301993 WS
 Duke Snider4281955 WS
 Willie Aikens4261980 WS
 Gene Tenace4251972 WS
 Lou Gehrig4171928 WS

Runs Batted In

1.Bobby Richardson12311960 WS
2.Mickey Mantle11331960 WS
3.Sandy Alomar10321997 WS
 Yogi Berra10291956 WS
 Mike Napoli10282011 WS
 Ted Kluszewski10251959 WS
7.Moises Alou9311997 WS
 Gary Carter9301986 WS
 Dwight Evans9301986 WS
 Yadier Molina9292011 WS
 Tony Fernandez9261993 WS
 Gene Tenace9251972 WS
 Danny Murphy9221910 WS
 Lou Gehrig9171928 WS
"League Series"


On-Base % Plus Slugging %

1.Gary Roenicke2.650101983 ALCS
2.Lloyd McClendon1.932161992 NLCS
3.Jay Johnstone1.911101976 NLCS
4.Will Clark1.882221989 NLCS
5.Mark Grace1.799221989 NLCS
6.Willie Stargell1.753141979 NLCS
7.Manny Ramirez1.748222008 NLCS
8.Nelson Cruz1.713252011 ALCS
9.David Freese1.691252011 NLCS
10.Bob Robertson1.688161971 NLCS

Home Runs

1.Nelson Cruz6252011 ALCS
2.Melvin Upton4332008 ALCS
 Carlos Beltran4322004 NLCS
 Albert Pujols4322004 NLCS
 Evan Longoria4302008 ALCS
 Josh Hamilton4282010 ALCS
 Jeffrey Leonard4281987 NLCS
 Jim Thome4251998 ALCS
 Robinson Cano4242010 ALCS
 Steve Garvey4181978 NLCS
 Bob Robertson4161971 NLCS

Runs Batted In

1.Nelson Cruz13252011 ALCS
2.David Ortiz11352004 ALCS
 Melvin Upton11332008 ALCS
4.Hideki Matsui10362004 ALCS
 Bernie Williams10362004 ALCS
 Ivan Rodriguez10332003 NLCS
 Manny Ramirez10322007 ALCS
 Don Baylor10201982 ALCS
9.Albert Pujols9322004 NLCS
 Lance Berkman9302004 NLCS
 Carlos Delgado9292006 NLCS
 Albert Pujols9272011 NLCS
 David Freese9252011 NLCS
 Tom Brunansky9211987 ALCS
 Matt Williams9211989 NLCS
 Graig Nettles9141981 ALCS

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