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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Matt Harvey: already 7.7% over limit specified by his doctor.

Matt Harvey is scheduled to start game for the Metsies against the Cubbies Saturday night in game one of the best of seven semifinal series.

As you may recall from way back about two weeks ago, Harvey has a certified note from his doctor, which excuses Harvey from work after Harvey has pitched 180 innings in 2015.  Harvey is at 194.

(189+5)/180 = 7.7% over limit

Today Met general manager Sandy Alderson supposedly indicated that Harvey may start only that one game in this series.  The Mets also may be in a bind about rookie starter Noah Syndergaard who not only is also over his previous high in innings but who also threw 100 pitches in game five against the Dodgers Thursday night warming up in the bullpen to pitch only one inning in relief.  What the heck?

Now the Mets may be in a bind with both Harvey and Syndergaard.  And 2015 ace Jacob deGrom has shown some weakness.  In game five deGrom allowed two runs in the first inning and was lucky it wasn't more because the leadoff Dodger made the first out by lining to the first baseman.

Who would the Mets start if they need others?  Maybe rookie Steven Matz and/or 42 year old Bartolo Colon.
Photo of Bartolo Colón
Should Mets and Yanks shut down starting pitchers Harvey, Syndergaard, deGrom, Severino? Friday, September 18, 2015

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