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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mookie Wilson horseshoe-up-the-ass memorial grounder and Metsies still lose to Royals.

Block the ball.  Eric Hosmer, block the damn ball.  Eighth inning, tied 3-3, two outs, Cry Baby Metsie Wilmer Flores batting with a runner on second base. You have got to keep that bouncer in the infield. You cannot let it get by you. You are a Gold Glove first baseman. You've got to know the situation. Eric Hosmer, you have got to block the ball, even if you do not retire the batter, which you should. What the heck?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 8:00pm, Kauffman Stadium
Attendance: 40,320, Time of Game: 5:09
Royals 5, Metsies 4

Florez reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Lagares Scores/No RBI/unER

Unfortunately for the Metsies, the Royals have some of their own stuff going on in 2014 and 2015.  Alex Gordon tied the game with a 9th inning home run and Hosmer got the game winning sac fly RBI in the 14th.  All's well that ends well.

But let's flash back to the greatest moment in the 54 year history of the New York Metsies.  No 60th home run.  No 61st home run.  No 56 game hitting streak.  No triple crowns.  No, ...

1986 World Series (4-3): New York Mets (108-54) over Boston Red Sox(95-66)

Game 6 Red Sox up 3-2 in games; Metsies facing elimination

Saturday, October 25, 1986, 8:30, Shea Stadium
Attendance: 55,078, Time of Game: 4:02
Metsies 6, Red Sox 5

Bottom of the 10th, Mets Batting, Behind 3-5, Red Sox' Calvin Schiraldi facing 2-3-4
Carter, Mitchell, Knight single; Carter scores
Bob Stanley replaces Calvin Schiraldi pitching and batting 9th

Photo of Mookie Wilson
Mookie Wilson batting: wild pitch; Mitchell Scores; Knight to 2B

Tie game, runner on second. Infielders must BLOCK the ball.

Wilson reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Knight Scores/unER
Metsies win.

Bill Buckner was the inept Red Sox fielder at first base who let a routine grounder go right through him into the outfield.

The Wilson plate appearance included two distinct events:
- the wild pitch that tied the game and put the winning run on second base
- Buckner missing Wilson's grounder that let the winning run score.

Without those two separate gifts to the Mets in the 10th inning, the Red Sox would have won the 1986 World Series right there.  Instead the Metsies won game seven two days later, for their most recent championship.

Metsie, Metsie. Monday, October 19, 2015

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