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Monday, November 2, 2015

Fear and Loathing in Queens: Metsies lose World Series.

Casey Stengel, first Metsie manager:

... We've got 'em from the babies up. As soon as the kid can talk, he's taught to say Metsie, Metsie. Not Papa. Not Mama. Metsie. Metsie. Metsie. So that's what they are. They're now singing the kids Metsie, Metsie, Metsie see when they want food and everything. So babies are even started...

Expansion teams since 1961 in World Series. Saturday, October 24, 2015

This is the first year that both teams in the finals are expansion teams: New York Mets v. Kansas City Royals.

Modern expansion started in 1961.  Fourteen teams were created through 1998 bringing the total to 30.  Each of the current five team divisions has at least one...

The Mets won their first pennant (and championship) in the first year the Royals existed: 1969.  So the Mets have five pennants in 54 years, the Royals four in 47.  Mets every 10.8 years, Royals every 11.6.  Pretty close.

Mets and Royals are the most successful expansion teams since 1961.  May the best expansion team win in 2015.


Clemens, Piazza, Syndergaard: irony, hypocrisy but no outrage. Sunday, November 1, 2015

Where is the outrage over Met Noah Syndergaard throwing the first pitch in game three 98 mph near the head of the Royal's leadoff batter Alcides Escobar? ...

... just a few minutes after former Met catcher Mike Piazza threw out the ceremonial first ball...

Roger Clemens deliberately threw at Piazza's head and hit him there.  I'm a Yankee fan and I was outraged and still am...

Clemens was lucky that he did not cause more damage ... Noah Syndergaard was similarly lucky ...

Met fans are as hypocritical as they come.  In a very short time span they switched at the two-thirds point of the season from hating their own team to loving it.  Now the Metsies have morphed into Meanies and Met fans seem not to have even noticed, maybe because that change has happened to them, too.  And Met fans don't even realize that their team is the beast of expansion teams: most pennants, tied with Toronto for most championships.  All we hear is long suffering junk and it's not even correct.

I never met a Met fan who knew what he was talking about.

Now they are mean spirited, too.


Maybe Metsie fans are too busy comparing their team to the Yankees and not to other expansion teams. Since the Metsies won their first championship in 1969 the Yankees have won in 1977, 1978, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 (over the Metsies), 2009.  But the Yankees have also had long dry spells, like the Metsies.  The Yankees did not win the pennant from 1965 through 1975, eleven years.  Then another: 1982 through 1995, fourteen years.  Now 2010-2015, six years and counting.

Apparently even after 54 years, they will always be Metsies fans, trapped in adolescent nonsense, like waving those ridiculous orange towels during the finals against Kansas City.  What New Yorkers wave towels?  Maybe Nets fans.  That's the basketball team whose name was derived from Mets and Jets.  The AFL New York team was originally the Titans, apparently to mirror the New York Football Giants as the NFL team was called to distinguish it from the baseball Giants who had abandoned New York for San Francisco; this persisted several years after baseball Giants had left.  When the Titans moved into Shea Stadium with the Mets, they changed their name to Jets to rhyme with Mets.  Then came the Nets.  There was even a tennis team: Sets.  See how cutesie they can be?  But the original, even before there was the term Cubbies for the Chicago team, were the Metsies, so named by their very first manager.  See the video at the top.

Where were all the Metsie fans six months ago?  Three months ago?  See the heat maps in The Times article quoted below:

Where the Mets Found New Fans in 2015
By JOSH KATZ and KEVIN QUEALY OCT. 31, 2015 The New York Times

When we published a national map of baseball fandom last year, based on Facebook data, it contained a painfully sad fact for Mets fans: In every ZIP code across every borough of New York, the Yankees were more popular than the Mets.

The same was true on Long Island and in Westchester, northern New Jersey and Connecticut, and the same remains true today, with the Mets unable to claim the most total likes in any ZIP code.

But now we come back to Mets fans with better news: The team has increased its footprint across the city in 2015, and, among new fans, the Mets were the most popular team across much of Brooklyn and Queens and on most of Long Island...

Finally, a reminder on how we make these maps: Pinning down regional sports allegiance can be an inexact science. Fans don’t make their preferences known on, say, the census, and polls of team preferences are scarce. But millions of fans do make their preferences public on Facebook by “liking” a team. Using data aggregated by the company, we measured fans’ allegiance to a team in each ZIP code. To get numbers for the most recent fans, we looked at “likes” over the last six months. We then applied an algorithm to smooth the data and fill in gaps where data was missing. (Imperfect as Facebook “likes” are, they do broadly line up with other data.)


Now what?  We'll have the spectacle of locations imitating each other.  Non-New York places have become much more obnoxious in recent years, that is, they have become more like New York.  One reason people have not liked the Royals is that people in Kansas City have behaved in an arrogant New York manner.  Metsie fans have emulated conduct of once nicer places by waving those stupid orange towels.

Metsie fans will be back to crying in their beer.  Will the Yankees benefit?  Not likely as long as the Steinbrenner Kids own the team.  The Wilpon kid who runs the Metsies is likely to continue business as usual, trying to recover the family fortune after his father invested with crook Bernie Madoff.  It's likely to be a long dry spell for New York baseball.

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