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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yankee GM Brian Cashman acquired Giambi, Rodriguez, Sheffield, Matsui, Teixeira, Granderson, Ellsbury, Beltran. Now what?

Has Brian Cashman run out of bullets?

Yanks acquire outfielders Ruth, DiMaggio, Maris, Sheffield, Matsui. Hicks? Thursday, November 12, 2015

The point there was not to denigrate Aaron Hicks but Yankee general manager Brian Cashman who now seems to concentrate on stuff like a fourth outfielder.

Part of it is the system.  More teams have more bucks, largely from regional sports networks, and teams are signing their own star players to early multi year contracts that lock them up through about age 28.  When and if those stars become free agents, they tend to be older.

Let's see how it was during the early years of Cashman's tenure as Yankee GM, which started in February 1998.  Here are some big names and some big contracts in the order in which they were acquired:

Jason Giambi: 2000 AL MVP, 2001 runner up
Born: January 81971 in West Covina, CA
  • November 5, 2001: Granted Free Agency.
  • December 18, 2001: Signed as a Free Agent with the New York Yankees.
Yankees: PA: 3,693, OPS+ 143
200231New York Yankees$10,428,571?4/3/02 AP
200332New York Yankees$11,428,571?4/3/03 AP
200433New York Yankees$12,428,571?4/7/04 AP
200534New York Yankees$13,428,571?
200635New York Yankees$20,428,571?
200736New York Yankees$23,428,571?
200837New York Yankees$23,428,571?
Photo of Hideki Matsui
Hideki Matsui: 50 homers in Japan
Born: June 121974 in Neagari-cho, Ishikawa, Japan
Yankees: PA: 3,820, OPS+ 120; 2009 WS MVP
YearAgeTeamSalaryServTm(OpnDay)SourcesNotes/Other Sources
200329New York Yankees$6,000,000?4/3/03 AP
200430New York Yankees$7,000,000?4/7/04 AP
200531New York Yankees$8,000,000?
200632New York Yankees$13,000,000?
200733New York Yankees$13,000,000?
200834New York Yankees$13,000,000?
200935New York Yankees$13,000,000?
Gary Sheffield: 1,525 PA, OPS+ 135
Born: November 181968 in Tampa, FL
Yankees: PA: 1,525, OPS+ 135
200435New York Yankees$13,000,000*?
200536New York Yankees$13,000,000?
200637New York Yankees$10,756,171?

Alex Rodriguez: 2003 AL MVP
Born: July 271975 in New York, NY

Yankees: PA 6,277, OPS+ 140, 2004 & 2006 AL MVP
200428New York Yankees$22,000,000*?
200529New York Yankees$26,000,000?
200630New York Yankees$21,680,727?
200731New York Yankees$22,708,525?
200832New York Yankees$28,000,000?
200933New York Yankees$33,000,000?
Mark Teixeira:
Born: April 111980 in Annapolis, MD
Yankees: PA 3,660, OPS+ 124; 39 homers twice.
200929New York Yankees$20,625,000?
201030New York Yankees$20,625,0007.000
201131New York Yankees$23,125,0008.000
201232New York Yankees$22,500,0009.000contracts
201333New York Yankees$22,500,00010.000contracts
201434New York Yankees$22,500,00011.000contracts
201535New York Yankees$23,125,00012.000contracts
201636New York Yankees$23,125,00013.000
Curtis Granderson:
Born: March 161981 in Blue Island, IL
Yankees: PA 2,148, OPS+ 120; hit at least 40 homers in consecutive seasons, joining Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle as the only Yankees.
201029New York Yankees$5,500,0004.077
201130New York Yankees$8,250,0005.077
201231New York Yankees$10,000,0006.077contracts
201332New York Yankees$15,000,0007.077contracts
Jacoby Ellsbury:
Born: September 111983 in Madras, OR
Yankees: PA 1,136, OPS+ 99; big disappointment so far with five years to go.
201430New York Yankees$21,142,8576.037contracts
201531New York Yankees$21,142,8577.037contracts
201632New York Yankees$21,142,8578.037
201733New York Yankees$21,142,857
201834New York Yankees$21,142,857
201935New York Yankees$21,142,857
202036New York Yankees$21,142,857
202137New York Yankees*$21,000,000$21M Team Option, $5M Buyout
Carlos Beltran: Hall of Fame caliber center fielder but no more.
Born: April 241977 in Manati, Puerto Rico
Yankees: PA 980, OPS+ 111; an old shadow of what he had been.
201437New York Yankees$15,000,00015.014contracts
201538New York Yankees$15,000,00016.014contracts
201639New York Yankees$15,000,00017.014
Gardner to Ellsbury to Hicks. The madness of Brian Cashman. Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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